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Clemson vs. South Carolina Postgame Quotes

Dec. 5, 2010

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Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening Statement: “Obviously it was a very competitive game back and forth all night. I thought both players on both teams really competed and, unfortunately for us, we’re having trouble finishing some plays around the rim. But obviously our shooting is not where it needs to be. We just couldn’t keep up offensively. Our defense was good enough, but offensively we have to make more shots and finish more plays. (Bruce) Ellington made a big three, a tough shot. (Sam) Muldrow made two free throws and that was the difference.”

On transition between systems and styles: “Kids are basketball players. Sometimes a little too much is made of (saying) kids can only play one system. It’s like having 12 freshmen, 11 freshmen now. Everyday we go to practice, it takes longer to do everything than it normally does when you’ve been on with a team for a couple years.

“You just can’t get through the things you want to get through because you have to go back and re-explain it. They don’t understand it (and) you have to do it again. All of the terminology is different. There are days it becomes very difficult. It’s not attitude, it’s not effort, or trying; it’s just all new and because of that, everything just takes longer.”

On the turnovers: “There were some bad ones. We ran two actions and I think both guys were going to be wide-open. Demontez (Stitt) threw the one backwards to Milton (Jennings) at the top of the key and threw it at his ankles when he was wide-open. Then Tanner [Smith] threw the one to Andre [Young] when he really wasn’t quite looking, and that’s what I’m talking about. They’re not quite familiar with some of those things, and we don’t execute as well as we need to. Both guys were going to be wide-open, and we don’t get a shot on either possession. That’s a killer in a possession game.”

On Bruce Ellington: “He’s very good. He’s really good and we knew that. When you see the shots he made against Western Kentucky to put it in overtime and basically win the game, and the big three he made tonight, that’s just a player who’s got a little something special. That turns programs. Obviously Darrin (Horn) put him out there for 36 minutes tonight for a reason and he’s really good.”