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Clemson vs. Delaware State Postgame Quotes

Clemson vs. Delaware State Postgame Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening statement:“Good, solid win. I thought we really executed our defensive gameplan perfectly. Our plan coming in was to limit the threes for Walker and Bell. I think they got a combined 17 threes against Georgia Tech. It’s their number one option, and we held them to 1-for-13. That was gameplan number one defensively; controlling the dribble was number two. We had a couple of spurts where we didn’t do that as well but all in all, it was really good execution of a defensive gameplan. Offensively, it’s a little harder to play against them. They start a possession in zone, and then after two passes they go to man. They start a possession in man, three passes later they go into zone. You have to go make plays. You give them a couple of simple concepts to go with, and then it’s on your guys to finish.

“We need to work to get better production out of the paint, but we did enough to win. The best part of our offense was that we had 15 free throw attempts at halftime, so we were attacking. We also had 14 assists and only seven turnovers, which is pretty good. I’m pretty pleased with this performance.”

On the defense tonight:“I think we found a group that was really locked in. They were getting stops, we didn’t give up many easy looks and in all honesty, I stayed with them. I didn’t switch after three or four minutes and I let them keep playing. The guys off the bench were doing a good job. Rod (Hall), Adonis (Filer) and Damarcus (Harrison) were really locked in. They just have confidence. I think that was a big part of our ability to get stops in the second half.”

On the play of the young post players:“It’s getting better. They only have one true post player, but he’s solid. Kendall Gray can do some things and I thought we got him out of his area enough so that when a secondary defender came over like K.J. (McDaniels) or (Landry) Nnoko they could affect it. Certainly some of that is K.J.’s ability to come over and alter things.”

On the versatility of Damarcus Harrison:“We went small. I think we had K.J. and Damarcus out there. I think Damarcus might be a little more comfortable with some of the offensive things we asked our four to do tonight. So, he went to that spot and K.J. went to the three and they split back and forth a little bit. They actually went small a little bit, so we matched them and I thought we got good production when we did that.”