Clemson Tigers GIF Library

Clemson Tigers GIF Library

Trying to find a way to articulate your current mood? Try a Clemson Tigers GIF from our exclusive library.

From your mobile device, just hold on the picture and choose “Save Image.” Then use in texts, social posts or any other way you communicate!

Dancing TigerUses:-TGIF-Received tax return check-Scored a date with your crushAnnoyed BrooksUses:-Co-worker tries to tell you about their weekend-Stranger asks if you’re a South Carolina fan-Roommate asks if they can throw a week-long raveYoga VenablesUses:-Calming yourself after running into your ex-boyfriend at the mall-Giving up control after winging it on an exam-Proving you know what Warrior One isExuberant StudentsUses:-Finding a $10 bill in your pants-Finding out class is canceled because of snow-When you’re super excited about something. Like, super excitedIrked ElliotUses:-When another man takes your J’sFlex Zone GranthamUses:-Nailed the presentation at work-Watched a friend dunk a basketball-Lifted something heavy