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Athletic Hall of Fame Recommendations To be Accepted

Athletic Hall of Fame Recommendations To be Accepted

March 4, 2005

Recommendations are now being accepted for nominations to the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame, according to Charlie Bussey, Executive Director of the Tiger Letterwinners Association. According to Bussey, the Nominating Committee will meet in late April and can nominate up to 10 former Clemson University athletic greats for induction.

“Anyone may recommend an individual to the Nominating Committee,” according to Bussey, and recommendations should be submitted in writing to the address listed below:

Nominating Committee Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame PO Box 1529 Clemson, SC 29633

“It is very important that the recommendation include not only the former athlete’s name and sport, but as much information concerning his/her athletic achievements as possible,” added Bussey. “Because we have 19 intercollegiate sports (male and female), all of which have excelled over the years, Clemson has experienced many great athletes who are qualified for induction into the Hall of Fame. Since the rules governing the Hall of Fame permit a maximum of 10 inductees in any year, competition is extremely keen, and traditionally, our list of candidates will include as many as 100 individuals.”

Induction in to the Hall of Fame is open to all former Clemson University athletes who have been out of Clemson at least 5 years as well as individuals who have made a “significant contribution” to the Clemson University Athletic program (coaches, managers, trainers, etc.). The Hall of Fame rules do not permit the induction of any coaches who are still actively coaching.

Once the Nominating Committee meets, the list of nominees is submitted to the Approval Committee which consists of the following individuals:

President of Clemson University Faculty Representative to the NCAA Clemson University Athletic Director Executive Director of IPTAY President of IPTAY President of the Tiger Letterwinners Association

Individuals receiving at least 5 affirmative votes from to the Approval Committee will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame during appropriate ceremonies, normally during the following football season.

Recommendations will be accepted until April 1, 2005. Individuals whose names have been submitted in previous years will remain on the list of Candidates for 4 years.