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Annual Clemson-South Carolina Game Ball Run to be Held Nov. 21-22

Annual Clemson-South Carolina Game Ball Run to be Held Nov. 21-22

Since 1977, the brothers of Sigma Nu have participated in the annual Game Ball Run. This is a special tradition in which the brothers from both Clemson University and the University of South Carolina Chapters run the game ball used in the Clemson-South Carolina game, completing a 138 mile trip between the two schools.  The Game Ball Fun is a fundraising event for Sigma Nu’s philanthropy, Dabo Swinney‘s All in Team Foundation.

The Mission of Dabo’s All In Team Foundation is “to raise awareness of critical education and health issues in order to change lives of people across the state of South Carolina.” In the effort to achieve its mission statement, the foundation focuses on four main initiatives and a grant program: 1) Breast Cancer Research; 2) The Family Effect; 3) The Call Me Mister Program; 4) The RISE Program.

The Game Ball Run will take place on November 21and 22, 2013.  The brothers from Clemson University will leave the Esso Club at 5:00 PM on Thursday afternoon, November 21.  The Clemson Sigma Nus will meet the South Carolina brothers halfway, in Greenwood around 4:00 AM on Friday, November 22. The South Carolina brothers will then run the Game Ball the remainder of the way to Columbia.                                

Fans are invited to join the start of the Game Ball Run on Thursday, November 21 at 3:00 PM at the Esso Club in Clemson, SC.

Donations for the annual Game Ball Run can be made at  Corporate Sponsorships are still available.  Please refer all questions and sponsorship inquiries to