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May 18, 2019

2V8 Propels Tigers 4th-Place Finish at ACC Championships

CLEMSON, S.C. — With their highest finish in four years and two All-ACC performers to show for it, Clemson took a tie for fourth place at the 2019 ACC Rowing Championship on Lake Hartwell Saturday. Clemson tallied its most points at an ACC Championship since 2015 with a 58-point effort, highlighted by a third-place finish in the 2V8. Isla McRae (1st Team) and Aliute Udoka (2nd Team) each received All-ACC nods after their performance in the 1V8.

The Tigers’ best finish came in the 2V8 grand final, in which they took third place, netting the team 21 points with a time of 6:46.093.

The Saturday morning session was composed of five 6-boat grand finals and five 3-boat petite finals for the 3V8, 2V4, 1V4, 2V8 and 1V8 races, respectively. In Friday’s heats, Clemson qualified for all five grand finals, and the Tigers took advantage by tying for the fourth-most points out of the nine competing teams.

Virginia bested the field with a total of 95 points for its 10th straight and 19th overall ACC championship in the 20th year of the event. Clemson and Notre Dame tabbed 58 points apiece, but Notre Dame won the tiebreaker based on a better head-to-head finish against the Tigers in the 1V8 grand final.

The point totals were proportional for each race, with the 2V4 and 3V8 points increasing from one to nine, according to the order of finish. The 1V4 race brought with it a point distribution from two to 18, and the 2V8 race progressed from three to 27 points. The 1V8 point totals increased from four to 36. The grand finals determined places one through six, while the petite finals came with placements of seventh, eighth and ninth overall, according to the order of finish.

The Tigers’ best finish came in the 2V8 grand final, in which they took third place. In the 1V4 grand final, the Tigers finished fourth, while Clemson’s 2V4 boat was fifth in its grand final. The other two Clemson boats were sixth in the 1V8 and 3V8 grand finals. The third-place 2V8 boat, which was coxed by Erin Murphy, stayed true to its performance in the heats, when it produced the third-fastest overall time. The third-place result marked the first top-three finish in an ACC Championship grand final by a Clemson boat since 2015.

Bow: Isabella Beckler; 2. Kaley Wojciechowski; 3. Maura Chozick; 4. Alitue Udoka; 5. Isla McRae; 6. Makenna Farr; 7. Julia Meredith; Stroke: Elise Sum; Coxswain: Kate Hadley

Bow: Chloe O’Brien; 2. Katie Konieczny; 3. Caroline Kranz; 4. Bridget Kane; 5. Rebecca Pulsifer; 6. Hannah Hayes; 7. Kate Schrieber; Stroke: Meghan McLean; Coxswain: Erin Murphy

Bow: Jasmine Lewis; 2. Rachel Mumau; 3. Alex Thull; Stroke: Emily Ash; Coxswain: Katie Herbolsheimer

Bow: Katelyn Kerrick; 2. Samantha Palmer; 3. Rachel Salvia; Stroke: Pepper Kolman; Coxswain: Julia Suplick

Bow: Ellie Loehrer; 2. Summer Ratley; 3. Auburn Dantice; 4. Auriyana Tinch; 5. Isabella Dudley; 6. Tori Trovato; 7. Sydney Seeger; Stroke: Charlotte Taylor; Coxswain: Rebekah Stein


Conditions: light crosswind of approximately 3 mph throughout; slight chop; warm, with temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s throughout

3V8—Petite Final—1. Boston College, 7:17.075; 2. North Carolina, 7:23.943; 3. Miami, 7:31.245

3V8—Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:48.332; 2. Duke, 6:53.512; 3. Syracuse, 6:55.289; 4. Notre Dame, 6:57.749; 5. Louisville, 7:04.014; 6. Clemson, 7:12.070

2V4—Petite Final—1. Notre Dame, 7:49.231; 2. Louisville, 7:52.754; 3. North Carolina, 7:53.693

2V4—Grand Final—1. Virginia, 7:24.780; 2. Duke, 7:31.778; 3. Miami, 7:36.821; 4. Syracuse, 7:38.730; 5. Clemson, 7:46.183; 6. Boston College, 7:54.013

1V4—Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 7:43.189; 2. Boston College, 7:49.219; 3. Louisville, 7:52.554

1V4—Grand Final—1. Duke, 7:22.300; 2. Syracuse, 7:27.231; 3. Virginia, 7:29.402; 4. Clemson, 7:34.133; 5. Notre Dame, 7:39.756; 6. Miami, 7:48.162

2V8—Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 6:58.995; 2. Miami, 7:02.986; 3. Boston College, 7:06.756

2V8—Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:39.527; 2. Duke, 6:44.177; 3. Clemson, 6:46.093; 4. Syracuse, 6:50.592; 5. Notre Dame, 6:51.250; 6. Louisville, 6:57.262

1V8—Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 6:48.140; 2. Miami, 6:49.965; 3. Boston College, 6:58.468

1V8—Grand Final—1.Virginia, 6:31.268; 2. Duke, 6:35.437; 3. Syracuse, 6:38.177; 4. Notre Dame, 6:41.019; 5. Louisville, 6:44.204; 6. Clemson, 6:45.350

Point Totals

1. Virginia (95 points)
2. Duke (90 points)
3. Syracuse (75 points)
4. Notre Dame (58 points)
     Clemson (58 points)
6. Louisville (41 points)
7. North Carolina (30 points)
    Miami (30 points)
9. Boston College (18 points)

First Team
Isla McRae (1V8)

Second Team
Aliute Udoka (1V8)


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