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Postgame Quotes

Jan. 20, 2004

Recap| Box Score

CLEMSON COACH Oliver Purnell

It was obviously not a pretty basketball game, but I thought both teams were defending pretty well in the first half. I was pleased to see our team come out with energy and ready to compete. Defensively we had some really good stretches, but our inability to take care of the ball puts too much pressure on our defense.

We turned the ball over 11 times in the first half and ended up with 23 turnovers and that makes it tough to win.

I felt like going into the half we had a chance to go up eight or 10 points, which changes the complexion of the game. But we turned the ball over at the top and we go into the half tied at 20.


I’m proud of our team, but it was not a pretty game. Clemson is very physical and a good team. Sunday took a lot out of us both physically and emotionally and that had an affect on our performance tonight. We played real good defense and held them to 32 percent and that was the difference in the game.

Some of our younger guys stepped up and showed some courage and made some big plays.

It wasn’t pretty and we’re not going to win pretty. We’re not that type of team, we want win with our offense.

On J. R. Reynolds’ shot at 3:07: We tried to get it to him. They were in a zone and they did a good job in the zone, which we didn’t expect. We hoped he would make a play; he got open and hit a tremendous shot. I felt he was in a pretty good groove and I felt comfortable getting him the ball. It wasn’t a designed shot for him, it was just his shot.

On the play of the freshmen: A lot of times we had three or four freshmen in the game. Gary Forbes played good defense and got a few rebounds. J. R. (Reynolds) was terrific tonight. Donte Minter hit a few big shots for us.

On the momentum at the end of the half: During the last two minutes of the previous three games, the opposing team has made a big basket in the final few seconds of the first half to give them momentum. Tonight we came up and tied the game going into the half and that gave us a little emotion.