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Clemson vs. Winthrop Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Nov. 24, 2009

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Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

Overall Thoughts: “I am pleased with our team’s approach and effort tonight. We wanted to come out strong tonight and establish a habit of it. I think we did that. We got a lot of guys minutes and experience. We had a good balance in scoring and minutes which creates good team chemistry.”

On halftime adjustments: “I told them we had to stay strong to win because Winthrop has come back from double digits and won this year. We did start better in the second half. We executed the little details better and the pressure defense. We were rewarded for that.”

On upcoming games: “We have tests coming up where we’ll find out where we are and where we need to go as a team. I think we are a pretty good basketball team, but we could play better. We need to focus on the details which will be exposed by other teams. We have to improve to beat the really good teams. I feel good about going to California. I feel we can go out and play with those teams. We are going to be pushed, but I am anxious and interested to see how we will react.”

On the progress of the freshmen: “They are part of the rotation. They are going to make an impact and be involved. If we are going to be successful as a team, that’s what they need to do.”

On the improvement of David Potter: “He is playing relaxed and senior-like. He has always been a good on-the-ball defender. Now he is also making shots at a phenomenal rate.”

On the play of Jerai Grant: “He is a big factor. He’s had some foul trouble before, but he only had one foul in the first half. We need him. I liken his progress to (Raymond) Sykes, but I think he can be better than him. He is a shot blocker and can finish at the rim with authority.”

On the play of point guard Andre Young: “I think he has played well. He is another threat from three-point land. Other players look for him.”

Winthrop Head Coach Randy Peele

Overall Thoughts: “I asked them after the game if they understand the team that they are playing for. I don’t come to Clemson to get beat by 36. It is a matter of understanding how good you have to be. You can’t win if you give people second and third shots. I thought we handled the pressure well early on but then we were not able to in the second.”

On the play of his point guards: “Reggie is getting too deep in the lane to be able to make decisions. I thought that Burton played better today. We wanted to give the ball to the big guys and then be able to have them send it back out to the guards and we did, we had an opportunity. Clemson shot 43% in the first and 65% in the second. We couldn’t guard them and that is unacceptable.”

On the disappointment of the loss: “It depends on how you look at it. This is just not acceptable.”