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Clemson vs. UNC Greensboro Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 19, 2010

Recap |  Box Score

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Overall Thoughts: “It was a tale of two halves, we played well the first half. We were good about defending them and bothering them. We got out in transition and turned it over. I am not sure they were used to getting stops and playing in the open floor. If we did not turn it over we may have scored 50 in the first half. We either made shots or turned it over.”

On adjustments at halftime: “I complimented them at the half and obviously killing them with kindness did not work, they did not respond well.”

On the team’s play in the second half: “The bright spot of the second half was when it got close, our guys had the gumption to make good plays.”

On the career highs by Jerai Grant and Andre Young: “Jerai Grant and Andre Young played very well tonight; they played at a high level. It was good to see Jerai hit the boards on both ends of the floor. Andre found a way to get more shots and shoot for a high percentage.”

On the performance by Young: “Andre Young is a good player. I do think he is a guy who can make shots. He plays the game the way it should be played.”

UNC Greensboro Head Coach Mike Dement

Overall Thoughts: “If we played the same way in the first half that we had played in the second half, it definitely would have been an interesting game. In the first half, they were really doing their job defensively. They were really getting into our guards and making it hard to get the ball inside. We were taking the ball out a lot; we were fouling them and getting the ball knocked out of bounds and just allowing their defense to get set. Their defense was great in that first half and I know they’re proud of that defense.”

“On defense, we were really trying to double their big guy (Jerai Grant) in the second half. We were worried about foul trouble and they were able to drive it in and then kick it out. (Andre) Young hit a lot of threes and (Tanner) Smith had a big three in the corner. Then we allowed Smith to drive baseline and dunk, and those were two key plays in the second half.”

“We did well not turning the ball over in the second half, until we let Andre Young and Cory Stanton really pressure our guards. Basketball is a funny game. You score 16 points in the first half and then 45 points in the second half, it just doesn’t make much sense at all. We’re looking for a lot more consistency. We have a lot of young guys and we’re just waiting for them to grow up and we need to get the job done.”