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Clemson vs. Coastal Carolina Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Nov. 23, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Overall thoughts: “This was a very disappointing loss, especially since we had chances to make stops late in the game and we didn’t get them when we needed them. We struggled offensively in the second half, and I thought guys were playing a little bit tight. We made some silly passes and had turnovers that led to fast break layups, which got them back in the game. If we don’t do that and make them score against our set defense, it’s hard on them to make up 12 points. To their credit, they had a couple guys step up and make plays.”

On the final offensive rebound for Coastal Carolina: “The one at the end of the game was hard. Brian did a good job defensively and challenged the shot. It’s hard because you defend the shot, and then when you turn around you’re so close to the basket.

“Obviously he didn’t block out, but when you turn around you can’t see it. So he slipped by and lays it in. Unfortunately, it bounced back to the one guy on their team that could tip it in.”

On tonight’s defensive effort: “In the first half, we played well defensively. We didn’t play well the whole game. We were better defensively in the first half than the second half. In the second half, the field goal percentage is a little misleading because of the fast break layups – we can’t guard those. But overall, we didn’t defend like we needed to. It was not any better [than the Charleston game] because we didn’t get stops late.”

Coastal Carolina Head Coach Cliff Ellis

Overall thoughts: “It was a physical game. Both teams played their hearts out. It was really an ACC/SEC-type game, as far as I’m concerned. There were people banging on each other the whole game and it was very physical. We were very fortunate to win. It was anybody’s ballgame, we just happened to get the break at the end. We got the tip-in. If we didn’t, Clemson would be in their locker room celebrating. Brad [Brownell] has a lot of young players. He has a team that has seniors and freshmen, so they’re finding themselves a little bit right now, just like everyone else. They’re going to be fine. He’s going to have a good ball club before it’s all said and done.”

On final play: “I drew it up, but I didn’t set up the second shot. It was just fortunate. We wanted the ball in [Chris Gradnigo]’s hands and fortunately he was able to make that extra play. The ball went in and out first, and he just happened to be there to tip it in. It’s just one of those things. Sometimes in basketball, you have to be fortunate. We were very fortunate in that situation. Both teams played such a hard fought game.”

On emotion of being back in Clemson: “This game, to me, is not about beating Clemson. It’s not. It’s just a great win for our team, following the LSU game. With the LSU win and this win, it says a lot about our team. It doesn’t feel any different beating Clemson than it did beating LSU. I have great feelings from Clemson, it is very dear to my heart. I’m going to be pulling for Clemson every game from here on out; every single game. It’s a special place. Clemson is going to be fine. I’m a huge fan of Brad Brownell. He’s a great guy and a good coach and he’s going to be fine. It was weird being on the other side of the court. But once the game started, I didn’t think about it. It was weird early. I’m very appreciative of Clemson. It’s near and dear to my heart. I have two daughters and grandchildren and a son-in-law that live here. I have a lot of friends here.”