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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Oct. 19, 2000

“He’s a single-wing tailback now. That offense helps him because they’ve tailored it to him. We thought we had enough people around the ball to stop him. I don’t know if we missed tackles or what happened, but once he hit the secondary, I knew we were in trouble.” George Welsh, Virginia Head Coach

“You go out there to stop the pass and you have his escapability (to deal with) and it makes it tough to get him down. He is a strong runner. We had him a few times and he ran right through us. At times it looked like a game of flag football.” Carl Franks, Duke Head Coach

“Woody Dantzler is a very good player who is tough to handle. Sometimes you find a player who is good in the passing game, but he is unable to run the ball. Dantzler can throw the ball very well and he can run it like a tailback. He really gave us some problems. I thought we were playing good defense for a while, then he got results.” Jim Caldwell, Wake Forest Head Coach

‘He ran the offense very efficiently and effectively. It looked like a hard offense to run because he’s got a lot of things to do out there. We didn’t think he could throw the ball downfield very well… but we found out he could.” Moe Ankney, Missouri Defensive Coordinator

“You’ve got to make sure you keep him in the pocket, not take too many chances in your pass rush. You can’t gamble inside and let him get out of the pocket and into open space where he can make a play.” Ljubomir Stamenich, University of Virginia defensive end.

“If the Tigers most versatile, electrifying player in decades, maybe ever, isn’t a legitimate candidate for college football’s top award, then no one is.” Bob Gillespie, Senior Writer, The State Newspaper, Columbia, SC

“It’s the production that counts, and Woody Dantzler is off to a tremendous start. He’s having the best year of any quarterback out there.” Gary Danielson, ABC Sports commentator

“Woodrow Dantzler is a Michael Vick-type QB. He has the athleticism we’ve seen take over college football the last few years. Shaun King (Tampa Bay Bucs) ran a similar system to an undefeated season at Tulane under Tommy Bowden two years ago. Not only can Dantzler throw like King, he’s also very versatile because of his ability to run. ” Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN Analyst

“When he’s clicking, there’s really nothing you can do. You can’t stop him, you can just try to contain him. God has blessed him with a lot of talent and he is using it.” Keith Adams, Clemson All-America linebacker

“What does he mean to us? Everything! Woody is our leader on offense, the whole team for that matter. He sees a gap, he’s gone for a touchdown.” Joe Don Reames, Clemson wide receiver

“Someone in the media is going to have to start paying attention to what’s been done (by Dantzler). If the guy at Virginia Tech keeps getting credit, and rightfully so, and this guy’s performing at a higher level, he ought to be recognized for it. Statistically he has been more productive.”Tommy Bowden, Clemson Head Coach

“Dantzler is really quick and elusive. He is fast, tough, durable and is just a terrific player. He reminds me of Darian Hagan when we were at Colorado. How about having your quarterback be number one in the conference in rushing and number two in passing efficiency. He is clearly the guy who makes things happen.” Ron Vanderlinden, Maryland Head Coach

“Dantzler’s ability is very hard to simulate in practice. There are about 25 snaps in a tgame where the play is called for him to run the football. He is a tailback playing quarterback, it’s basically a single wing offense. He can run it and he can throw it and that is what drives you absolutely crazy. As a runner he reminds me of Ted Brown (former NC State running back who finished tied for sixth in the Heisman race in 1978) in that he has tremendous lower body strength. He’s shifty, but powerful and breaks tackles upon tackles. Preparing for him is similar to preparing for Michael Vick because they are both dominating players and have the ability to dominate games.” Chuck Amato, NC State Head Coach

“The worst thing that we did last year (in the Clemson game) was knocking (Clemson QB Brandon) Streeter out of the game. Dantzler came in and made two or three really big plays, which beat us last year. He is an outstanding runner, Vvery strong and very quick. He’s been hit pretty well at times, but he is a tough guy that can take a lick and continue to move on. He also throws the ball well and mixes it up well. He has a good understanding of what they’re doing offensively. I don’t think there is any doubt, in my opinion, that at this stage of the season he should be a Heisman Trophy candidate.” Carl Tarbush, North Carolina Head Coach