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What is the Solid Orange Squad?

What is the Solid Orange Squad?

The Solid Orange Squad (SOS) is an elite student-athlete community service organization which participates in a wide variety of community service events throughout the upstate of South Carolina.  Clemson’s SOS is unique because it is the first and only Division I University to incorporate a focused character education program called Be a T.I.G.E.R! in all personal appearances, service projects and community work.  The program enables student-athletes to teach kids about the values of teamwork, integrity, gratitude, education and respect through four different components and provides a focused approach to service.

Mission StatementAs Clemson University’s elite community outreach organization, the Solid Orange Squad is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive image for Clemson University within the surrounding communities, fostering a good rapport with diverse organizations, and promoting the five main characteristics of being a true Clemson Tiger: T=Teamwork, I=Integrity, G=Gratitude, E=Education, R=Respect.

SOLID ORANGE…It’s About Pride…Our actions honor our University, traditions, teams, performance, people, and each other.