Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 18, 2007

Note: Video footage of Coach Bowden’s press conference in its entirety is now available on All-Access. Click on the link below to watch the video.

Tommy Bowden Press Conference (9-18-07)

Approach to the first road game this weekend: “We talked to the team a little bit. I just mentioned it once Monday at the team meeting about the fact that we’ll have some guys traveling for the first time. It’s important that our demeanor and focus as we approach game time stays pretty businesslike. Now, it’s up to the upperclassmen and some of the team leaders. So we have addressed that and that is of some concern because this will be the first time that this team has been on the road.”

On Mike Archer’s N.C. State defense: “His personnel is probably a little bit different at N.C. State (than it was at Kentucky). The base defense is very similar, but he is doing some different things at N.C. State. He’s inherited Coach (Chuck) Amato’s defensive players, but there are a lot of similarities. They challenge the ball really well. They’ve got some good ends that can rush well. They have some linebackers that are very physical. They have some really talented defensive players.”

On the offensive line’s performance against Furman: “The offensive line had more intensity against Furman. It was not reflected in the rushing statistics because we had some sacks. As far as effort and downfield technique, we were real pleased. It was improved over the Louisiana Monroe game. We finished blocks. You can just look at some of the players grades against Furman compared to the Louisiana Monroe game. Chris McDuffie had 3.5 knockdowns against LM and had 15 against Furman.

On running back C.J. Spiller: “He’s not running much different than he was this time last year. He had 13 carries for 45 yards after three games last year and this year he has 26 carries for 85 yards, which is twice as productive as last year. We need to improve our running game in terms of production. We only had 60 yards against Furman. But we hit some passes, passes down field when we needed to and threw for over 300 yards and scored 38 points.

On preparing quarterback Cullen Harper for his first road start: “I don’t think there will be that much difference. We will probably prep him on crowd noise on Thursday, which we haven’t done yet. The Florida State game pretty much prepared us for that. It was a pretty loud game even when we had the ball. Other than some crowd noise on Thursday, it won’t be that much different as far as our preparation.”

Talking to the team: “I try to discuss things in a different light than I did last year. I’ve taken a different approach. I tell them it’s not so much who you play but how you play. You don’t get a trophy for being 3-0 or being ranked in the preseason. I talked a little bit more about chipping our way up to the top. The biggest thing is making improvements from week to week. I highlight the fact that we’ve got to keep improving.”

On N.C. State Head Coach Tom O’Brien: “He has a near NCAA record for bowl wins, the longest active streak, and that means he’s had eight consecutive winning seasons, so he knows has to win. He knows how to get his guys’ attention. Every indication shows that he’ll be successful.