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Feb 26, 2022

Tigers Battle Alabama in Scrimmage on Lake Hartwell

CLEMSON, S.C. – Clemson started off the 2022 season with a scrimmage against Alabama on Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The Tigers and Crimson Tide fielded boats in both the eights and fours in order to prepare for their respective seasons.

“We showed a lot of grit today,” says Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “There is no substitute for lining up against another crew who is in a different uniform and learning how to put those race day jitters behind you. I’m excited about what we did today, and I am looking forward to learning and growing from this race and putting out even faster results next race.” 

Up next, Clemson will take on Duke at home on Lake Hartwell on Saturday, March 5 at noon. 

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