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Rebuilt Basketball Arena

Rebuilt Basketball Arena

Littlejohn Coliseum currently serves many needs of Clemson University, providing a facility capable of hosting athletic, academic, recreation, and student affairs programming. Renovating the building to be a richer, more energetic, high-performance environment will add significant value to the University and provide a competitive venue for the basketball program. 

The rebuilt Coliseum will inspire and engage both the players and the fans through a whole new interior layout and design that will be extremely media rich. In addition to a renovated playing arena and seating bowl (approximately 8,500 seats), the facility will incorporate all aspects of men’s and women’s basketball program operations. This includes coaches’ offices, weight rooms, locker rooms, video editing and theater areas housed in a separate practice facility addition. 

Littlejohn Coliseum will also see a significant upgrade to the quality and character of the public exterior face of the building. The massing of the building will in large part remain, but the incorporation of transparent materials and the use of light in more contemporary ways will be high on the list of desired changes. In the end, the building will be transformed in almost every way.

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