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‘Lena in London 2012

‘Lena in London 2012

Editor’s Note: Clemson junior Marlena Wesh has been gracious enough to author a blog on her experiences from the Olympic Games in London, England.  Wesh, who will compete for Haiti, is scheduled for the qualifying heats of the 400 meters on Friday, August 3, and the prelims of the 200 meters on Monday, August 6.  This is her fifth blog entry.


It’s 3:41 PM here in England, I am just waking up from a nap. I have practice in an hour and a half, and it will be my last practice before I compete this Friday. 

Everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous or scared, and I am honestly not feeling anything at all; not excitement, not happiness, not remorseful, it is kind of an emotionless feeling. It’s been a pretty long season that started with training last September for collegiate meets, but to be here at the Olympics as a current undergrad is pretty indescribable. 

Just being able to step on the track in front of millions will definitely put some emotion in me, but for now, I’m just relaxing and enjoying the days leading up to my competition. Lately, I’ve just been relaxing in my room trying to stay off my feet. I’ve been talking to Sonni (Austin), Brittany (Pringley), and Jasmine (Edgerson) from the team; they have been so supportive through this whole thing, and I cannot thank them enough for being such great friends. 

I finally saw Tisha (Patricia Mamona) yesterday in the cafeteria with Warren, they are so cute and I am glad all the Tigers are finally here together. I will try to get a picture of all of us if we are ever in the cafeteria at the same time.

The weather has been pretty gloomy these past couple of days, just really chilly and windy. It doesn’t start to heat up until about 3 PM or so, but even then it’s still only about 60 degrees. 

I have been really using up the treatment room. I get acupuncture, ice tub and a massage every other day! Practice sessions have been going great, and I know my body is ready. The biggest thing with me is that I am a head case. I compete for everyone other than myself, and my biggest thing is I don’t want to let anyone down. On Friday, I want to go out there and be able to run for Marlena. 

I have my goals, and they are definitely a lot different from what most people WANT me to do, but if I go out there Friday and I compete and do how I envision myself to do, then I will be happy. If I can be happy that my goals are satisfied, for me, and not for anyone else, then I will do great. The best part about being able to compete is the fact that I have no reason to stress because I am the underdog. Nobody expects me to do much, but me, and that’s the best part! I would be lying if I said my goal was to win a gold medal – my goal is to be the best Marlena Wesh that I have ever been on that track!