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Kailen Sheridan Q&A

Kailen Sheridan Q&A

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By Chas Williams // Athletic Communications

Kailen Sheridan is a junior goalkeeper and psychology major from Whitby, Ont. She recently sat down with us to answer some questions, beyond the game:

Q. How did you end up at Clemson coming from Canada?A. Eddie (Radwanski) and Siri (Mullinix) recruited me at a showcase in New Jersey, and when I came to visit and as soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew this is where I was supposed to be.

Q. Why are you interested in psychology as your major?A. I like the mental side of the game of soccer, and after my career is over, I can stay within athletics and study how your emotions impact your game.

Q. What sparked your interest in soccer?A. I was really shy as a kid and I wouldn’t leave my parents side, but when they put me on the soccer field, I just ran and loved it.

Q. At what point did you realize you wanted to play at the next level?A. When I was 11, I joined an academy team and it folded as soon as I got there, so I trained and played with the boys and they had goals of playing professionally. I realized that’s what I wanted to do, too.

Q. What is your favorite experience at Clemson?A. My freshman year when we did “Operation Togetherness,” it brought the 11 freshmen in my class together and started the change in this program.

Q. Where is your favorite place on campus?A. I really like taking walks around Lightsey Bridge during my freshmen year.

Q. How has playing for the Canadian National Team impacted your game?A. It has really impacted the way I handle the game off the field when it comes to film and tactics.

Q. Why Clemson?A. When I got here, the idea of a family environment helped make going 16 hours from home much easier, because family is such a big thing for me at home.

Q. What were your first thoughts when you stepped foot on campus?A. I was really nervous because I didn’t come with my class earlier and I didn’t know any of them. Everyone was so amazing when I got here and we all had the same goal of turning the program around.

Q. How do you handle the mix between class and soccer?A. It’s a challenge for any student-athlete to find a balance and still enjoy your time in Clemson. For me, as soon as class and tutors are over, it’s soccer mode. When soccer is over, I change back to focusing on my homework. The people in Vickery Hall really help with time management, which is something that challenges me.

Q. What is your favorite class?A. I really like my English class because we were able to write about Star Wars.

Q. What $100-or-less purchase in the past year has been the most valuable to you?A. I have to say my headphones. I am always listening to music and I wouldn’t know what to do without headphones. I always have something in my ears.