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Important Information Regarding ACC Football Championship Ticket Requests

Nov. 11, 2011

As the Tigers are one win away from clinching the Atlantic Division title against Wake Forest on November 12, ticket requests have started for the possibility of playing in the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte, NC. Everyone is excited about the chance of going to the ACC Championship on December 3 and the demand is expected to be very high! This article will give some additional information about the allotment, demand and the process for obtaining tickets to this game.

Ticket requests are now being taken from all IPTAY members and football season ticket holders until November 14 at 5 PM. The ticket requests are taken simply to judge the demand and then be able to set limits based on what ticket requests IPTAY and the Athletic Ticket Office receive. All tickets will be allocated based only on IPTAY priority points. During the request period, credit cards are not charged and will not be charged until limits are set and confirmations are sent to all the qualified IPTAY members that will qualify for tickets. The common question is “How many tickets can I purchase?” Again, the reason for the ticket requests is to judge the demand. Clemson will receive 10,000 tickets for the ACC Championship Game should Clemson qualify. If Clemson receives 8,000 ticket requests, the Athletic Ticket Office will be able to fill all of the ticket requests. If Clemson receives 25,000 ticket requests, the Athletic Ticket Office will have to set limits and reduce orders. The goal and duty of IPTAY and the Athletic Ticket Office is to accommodate as many IPTAY members as possible.

Currently, we have received over 9,000 requests and still have a few days to go before the deadline is reached on November 14. We fully expect that number to grow over the next week. Here is a map of Bank of America Stadium to view the different prices and locations. Since the ACC Championship Game has multiple prices, if the ticket price that someone requests is sold out, Clemson will attempt to fill orders with lower priced tickets. Should Clemson be selected to play in this game, the allotment will include 1,750 Club Seats at $150, 1,892 Lower Level Sideline Seats at $90, 2,903 Lower Level End Zone Seats at $70 and 3,455 Upper Level Seats at $40.

While our goal is to accommodate as many IPTAY members as possible and to spread the limited number of tickets across the board, this is also an avenue for each IPTAY member that orders tickets for others who may not be IPTAY members to create their own account by joining IPTAY. If the demand that we expect should we play in the ACC Championship Football Game, we anticipate that we will have to set limits according to IPTAY priority points to two, four or maybe six tickets per account. Please make your request by November 14. Confirmation on ticket limits and orders that will be filled will be sent via email and on around November 17.