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Experience Total Tennis Training At Clemson University

Experience Total Tennis Training At Clemson University

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For Boys and Girls Ages 9-17

This Camp Features Training for The Beginner, Intermediate, and The Tournament Player.

4 Great Sessions in 2000 June 4-9 June 11-16 June 18-23 June 25-30

How is Our Camp Different from the others?

Experience: First of all, we have the most experience in running a quality camp. This is our 25th year and we are very in touch with the needs of your child’s tennis game, but more importantly we know first hand what the needs of your child’s personal experience should be. We have been through and addressed hundreds of times the needs for safety, supervision, accident prevention, and how to mix a great learning situation in tennis with a great social learning situation as well. Our complete attention is given to making your child’s week at Clemson Tiger Tennis Camp a great one.

Player Specific Training: We have divided our on-court instruction into three distinct groups that are geared for the needs of the beginner to the tournament player. These are: White Camp instruction for the beginner that address fundamentals and basic teaching for the youngster who is just getting started in tennis. The Orange Camp instruction is designed more for that youngster who has played some competitive tennis with his or her High School team and perhaps some tournaments. Approximately 50% of the camp will be made up each week with Orange camp training. The Orange-Crush Training is designed for the serious tournament player. It is very tough and very exclusive. Only the top 20% of the campers train in the Orange Crush each week. We will grade the players early in the week to make sure that your son or your daughter are placed in the best four person group for their maximum growth.

The Children work hard each and every day but have a great time as well: This is a tough balance, but we have been very successful and keeping this balance. This is a tennis training camp, but your child will come away in a much richer sense than just being able to play the game better.

Coach Kriese and Coach Harris are always present: Simply put, Coach Kriese and Coach Harris have no higher priority than the welfare of your child while camp is in session. They have never and will never put their names on an activity that they are not fully invested in. Chuck Kriese and Nancy Harris are working side by side with the teachers and your children all day and every day. Coach Kriese has been quoted as saying, “there is no more important work that I do during the year than making sure that those children that come to camp are well taken care of and have a great learning experience.”

CAMP FORMAT We believe in individual attention. We have a 1:4 Teacher-Student Ratio with a supervisor monitoring each group of courts.

DAILY CLASSROOM SESSIONS Each day, your son or daughter will attend a classroom session with instruction in areas such as nutrition, caring for the body, sportsmanship, mental training, on-court strategies, and much more. This off-court time provides a rest from the sun and helps the student learn more about themselves and their tennis game.

DAILY MATCHPLAY The fundamentals taught during on-court instruction, drill training and classroom sessions are put into practice in daily match play. For the beginner and intermediate player, this provides an excellent team and group orientation for play, for the tournament player, a true simulation of the pressure and level play encountered in tournaments.

LOCATION Clemson University is located in the northwest corner of South Carolina and situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The main campus covers 600 acres and is surrounded by spacious Lake Hartwell and beautiful tree-mantled hills. Clemson is easily accessible from I-85 and highways 123 and 76. It is just two hours away from Atlanta, GA, Asheville and Charlotte, NC, and the Palmetto State capital of Columbia. Greenville, SC, is less than 30 minutes away.

FACILITIES The Clemson Tiger Total Tennis Training Camp features 21 Laykold outdoor courts and four indoor courts. Located adjacent to the tennis center complex is an intramural track for physical conditioning and directly across the street is the modern Fike Recreation Center, complete with an eight-lane swimming pool and separate diving tank. Other recreation facilities include ping-pong and pool tables, an eight-lane bowling alley, as well as indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

A spacious and air-conditioned dormitory is provided for the campers, and all meals will be served in an air-conditioned dining room with food service provided by ARA.


Highest Career Ranking
Gigi Fernandez-Wimbledon Doubles Champion & ’92 Olympic Gold Medalist #1 DBL
Jay Berger—US Clay Court Champion #7 SGL
Kent Kinnear #3 DBL
Mark Dickson #28 SGL
Lawson Duncan—US Clay Court Finalist #46 SGL
Richard Matuszewski #51 SGL
Miguel Nido—’92 Olympic Games #102 SGL
Jane Foreman #115 SGL
John Sullivan #102 SGL
Owen Casey—’92 Olympic Games #209 SGL
Vince Van Gelderen #260 SGL

TYPICAL DAILY SCHEDULE 7:15 a.m. Campers up for morning jog

7:45-8:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:30-12:30 p.m. –Two hours on-court instruction and drills –Match play and/or classroom session

12:30-2:00 p.m. Lunch

2:00-5:00 p.m. –Two hours on-court instruction and drills –Match play and/or classroom session

5:00-7:30 p.m. Dinner and free time

Evening –Planned social events, films, recreation or group activities

10:30 p.m. Lights out


“Coach Kriese’s Total Tennis Training Camp is unsurpassed in developing young people’s tennis games. From the beginner to the ranked player, the training is first-rate. The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the game are all incorporated.” Bryce Young, Doctor of Sports Psychology, University of Virginia

“The week of training in the Orange Crush was one to the best and most intense periods of training I’ve had. I really felt ready for my sectional and national tournaments.” Jimmy Pitts, Former University of Mississippi Player and Ranked Junior

“The thing I was most impressed with was the genuine concern for the individual needs of the children by the staff.” Mother of Beginner Camper

“I will always remember how each instructor seemed to take a personal interest in me at the Total Tennis Training Camp.” Andy Edmonds, Former Camper from Nichols, SC

“In my capacity, I’ve seen camps of all types, but Coach Kriese’s camp is one of the best training experiences for youngsters that I’ve ever witnessed.” Steve Carter, Guest Lecturer, Associate Athletic Director, LSU

“Chuck Kriese is the best motivator in college coaching today. He obtains maximum talent and potential from the players he trains.” David Marking, President USTAA, Chairman U.S. Davis Cup

Introducing Chuck Kriese’s Latest Book, Coaching Tennis. Copies will be available during camp sessions.

Books, Audio, and Video by Chuck Kriese

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__ Winning Tennis @ $14.95 ______
__ Youth Tennis @ $12.95 ______
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Shipping and Handling $3.00
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CAMP DIRECTORS The Clemson Tiger Total Tennis Training Camp is under the directorship of Chuck Kriese and Nancy Harris. Before coming to Clemson, Kriese was a teaching professional and received his apprenticeship under Australian coaching great Harry Hopman. Under Hopman, Kriese worked with players such as John McEnroe, Vitas Gerilitis, Mary Carillo, and Peter Fleming.

HIGHLIGHTS OF KRIESE’S COACHING CAREER * Three National Coach of the Year Awards * 31 All-Americans * Three-Time Southern Coach of the Year * Six-Time ACC Coach of the Year * 13-Time Top 10 Team for the U.S. * 10 ACC Championships * U.S. Junior Davis Cup Coach * U.S. Sunshine Cup Coach * 10 Former Players and Assistants in Collegiate Coaching Ranks * 14 Former Players in Professional Ranks * Inductee South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame * Tennessee Tech Sports Hall of Fame

Coach Nancy Harris comes to Clemson from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama (AUM) where she was the Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach. She served as the men’s coach for four years and as the women’s coach for nine seasons.

She guided the Auburn-Montgomery women’s tennis team to the 1992 NAIA National Championship Title. In 1995 and 1996, the men’s tennis team won the NAIA National Championship, making Coach Harris the first female to coach a men’s team to a national championship. She is currently the only female coach in the country who has led both a men’s and a women’s tennis team to national championship titles.

CAMP STAFF We employ teaching professionals from all over the U.S. to give our campers the highest quality instruction available.

DAY CAMP This year Total Tennis Training Camp will again take day campers in addition to the regular campers who reside in the dormitory. Day campers should arrive at 8 a.m. at the courts to begin drill work or match play with their assigned group. They will eat lunch in the cafeteria with all campers. They may be picked up at 5 p.m. but are encouraged to take part in as many evening activities as they wish.

EVENING ACTIVITIES Our camp has an organized group activity every evening. Some of the planned events are as follows: Camp-wide Talent Show, Swim Night, Movie and Pizza Night, Tennis Movie Night, and more. As with our entire schedule, evening activities are closely supervised by our professional staff to ensure an environment of wholesomeness and safety.

AWARDS CLOSING All parents are invited to attend our special Awards Presentation and Camp Closing on Friday before checkout. The Awards begin at 12:00 p.m. at the Tennis Center.

HOW TO ENROLL To enroll in the Clemson Tiger TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING CAMP, complete the application form and mail it along with a $105 non-refundable deposit per session. Each camper should be registered on one form. Photocopies are acceptable. Make check payable to: TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING, P.O. BOX 965, CLEMSON, SC 29633.

WANT TO STAY MORE THAN ONE WEEK? For campers who want to stay more than one week, special arrangements and activities are planned for the weekend in keeping with our policy of a safe, healthy environment. There is a $40 dorm fee per weekend. This does not include meals.

NEED TRANSPORTATION FROM THE AIRPORT? A shuttle service is available for campers who fly into Greenville-Spartanburg Jetport. There is a $30 fee for round-trip shuttle.

TUITION INCLUDES Room and Board, Accident Insurance*, and first class tennis instruction and lectures. All campers receive a TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING t-shirt, camp certificates, evaluation cards, and a camp picture. A copy of Coach Kriese’s book COACHING TENNIS, YOUTH TENNIS or WINNING TENNIS will also be presented to campers at check in. *This is a primary excess policy.

TO PARENT Experiences at tennis camp during the last 24 years are among the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of coaching. I recognize the potential that this camp experience has in your child’s personal and athletic growth.

My top priority is to provide your child with the best opportunity to improve their tennis, as well as a safe, wholesome atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING daily for your child, that is * Technical training to develop fundamentals * Drill work to refine those skills * Physical conditioning to maintain top, injury-free performance * Classroom sessions * Match play or team competition

Your child will be supervised by our professional staff 24 hours a day. Whether they are a beginner or a top-ranked tournament player, I will see that their needs away from home are met. Please feel free to write or call.

Very Sincerely, Chuck Kriese Head Tennis Coach Clemson

Kriese was Clemson’s first National Coach of the Year, has won three National Coaching awards and Authored 4 Books

Printable Registration Form