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Clemson vs. North Florida Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 16, 2008

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Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

“There were different parts of the ball game that I really liked. I didn’t like the way we started, but I liked the way we went into the half and came out of the half. I liked the way we sustained our defensive effort. Clearly we were better, and clearly we out-manned them, there isn’t any question about that, but it needs to be about attitude and mindset, and I thought we did play better than we did the other night and that’s important.

“I would like to see us play better; I guess that’s always the case, and clearly we’re going to have to play better on Sunday. We’ve got a lot of preparation before we go down to Miami and play an excellent basketball team. The first order of business is to get some rest, and then start our preparation in the three days after that. Normally I don’t prefer to play ACC games before Christmas, but it’s scheduled that way and I’m excited about it. It’s going to be a test.”

On if he was frustrated during the game: “I don’t know about frustrated…you don’t know me that well (laughs). Particularly in a game like that, you want to play better and better and better. And I thought we did that defensively…we could have completed a few more simple plays offensively. Demontez, after having a really nice dunk, went up with his right hand and I was afraid he was going to get hurt. When you’re on that side of the basket, you use your left hand and shield with your body, just fundamentals like that.

North Florida Head Coach Matt Kilcullen

On Game: “I think we came out and played aggressive tonight. I talked to the guys about playing with purpose, and I believe we did that tonight. We executed our game plan offensively and defensively. I was proud our guys play in the first half. We spread the ball out on offense and made some great plays. Defensively we played great; however, we need to box out better. They had too many 2nd and 3rd chance shots.”

On the Tigers: “They were a great team to play against. They were big and talented, but I think we held our own with them in the first half. I just need my guys to understand that they can play against some of the best talent without giving up.”