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Clemson Completes Day One of Cardinal Invite

Clemson Completes Day One of Cardinal Invite

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – The Clemson rowing team competed a total of six different boats across nine events in the first day of competition at the Louisville-hosted Cardinal Invite on Saturday. The Tigers yielded two third-place finishes and three fourth-place finishes in the morning, and one third-place finish coupled with three fourth-place finishes in the afternoon session.

The morning session’s best race came in the 2V8, where Clemson’s boat coxswained by Erin Murphy finished with a time of 6:28.990, a time that was 10 seconds ahead of the fourth-place Notre Dame and just two seconds behind the second-place Tennessee. The other Clemson second-place finish of the morning came in the 2V4, where Sarah Adams’ boat’s time of 7:20.294 put them four seconds behind the second-place Notre Dame and six seconds ahead of fourth-place Tennessee.

In the afternoon session, Clemson’s third-place finish came in the 3V8, where a time of 7:12.796 put them ahead of Tennessee’s 5V8 boat competing in the race by 22 seconds.

The action continues tomorrow at the Cardinal Invite with the 1V8 at 10:18, the 1V4 at 10:26, the 3V8/N8 at 10:34 and the 2V8 at 10:42.

Clemson Lineups/Results (Morning vs. Louisville, Notre Dame, Tennessee // Afternoon vs. Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin)

1V8 (4th; 6:27.479 // 4th; 6:40.415)
Coxswain: Megan Kauffeld; 8: Sarah Decker; 7: Jenny D’Anthony; 6: Kaley Wojciechowski; 5: Amelia Shein; 4: Isla McRae; 3: Aliute Udoka; 2: Julia Meredith; 1: Makenna Farr

2V8 (3rd; 6:28.990 // 4th; 6:42.876)
Coxswain: Erin Murphy; 8: Emily Radziwon; 7: Elise Sum; 6: Kelsey Sox; 5: Maura Chozick; 4: Hannah Maeser; 3: Taylor Knorr; 2: Rebecca Pulsifer; 1: Catherine Smith

AM (4th of 4; 7:00.180)
Coxswain: Sarah Adams;
8: Maya Roberts;
7: Samantha Nichols;
6: Kenzie Fisher;
5: Caitlyn Roberts;
4: Mary Sales;
3: Camille Beck; 2: Juliette Gammel; 1: Bridget Kane

PM (3rd of 4; 7:12.796)
Coxswain: Sarah Adams; Stroke: Maya Roberts; 7: Samantha Nichols; 6: Erin Belmar; 5: Caitlyn Raber; 4: Kenzie Fisher; 3: Camille Beck; 2: Brooke Leech; 1: Bridget Kane

1V4 (4th of 4; 7:11.236 // 4th of 4; 7:41.382)
Coxswain: Katie Herbolsheimer;
4: Sophia Porach;
3: Isabella Beckler;
2: Amber Rewis; 1: Rebecca Simonetti

 (3rd of 4; 7:20.294)
Coxswain: Sarah Adams;
4: Rachel Mumau; 3: Emily Ash; 2: Brooke Leech; 1: Erin Belmar