Charles Hafley Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Charles Hafley Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Nov. 15, 2001

Below are Charles Hafley’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Charles for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.


Charles, Your a great player, is it frustrating with the setback this year to be on such a young defense? Y’all have improved every game, but it is not like the past defenses that you have been on. Good luck against the Cocks!Scott Brock Greenwood, SC

Yes, it is frustrating being on a young team while being a senior, but I feel like God has placed me in this situation not only to better myself as a person, but to better this young defense and get them prepared for the future. – Charles Hafley’s

Charles, First, I would like to say that you have played a great season so far. My question is what area do you feel that you have matured or improved the most since your freshman year here at Clemson?Crystal M. Conyers Andrews, SC

Yes, I feel like I have matured. The thing I think I have matured in mainly was leading these young guys. The thing that I have mostly improved on is the tackling. I see that last year that I had 106 tackles and this year I have 103 and counting. I think that my tackling skills, which may have been my negative last year, is my strength this year. – Charles Hafley’s

Charles, There have been so many young, promising receivers for the Tigers. Being that you play against them in practice every day, which youngster do you think will be the big play guy, like Rod Gardner?Ben Hill Andrews, SC

We do have a lot of guys that have the potential to be the next Rod Gardner with their God-given ability and talent. The main two guys, which everyone is high on, are Charles Hafley’s

Charles, How does the Clemson/SC rivalry compare to the Florida/FSU rivalry, in your opinion.Jon Raines Jacksonville, FL

It is a tremendous opportunity to be able to play in either rivalry. It is a blessing to play in either game. Florida/Florida State is probably more nation-wide, as far as having two top 5 teams going at it each year. With Clemson/South Carolina, you also have two high-powered teams, but in the state of South Carolina it doesn’t matter. 365 days everybody talks about that game no matter what. Even if you are playing against Wake Forest one week, everyone is still talking about that game. It is just a great opportunity that I have. – Charles Hafley’s

Charles, What are your plans for after the season? Have the NFL scouts predicted where you might go in the draft?Ben Moore College Park, GA

The scouts are looking good, and prediction of the draft and things are in line. But, what God has in store for me, being a man, is life after football. The main thing I want to do, either somewhere in South Carolina, or somewhere in South Florida, I want to give back and help juvenile delinquents. Change them from being delinquent to having the opportunity to be in a situation that I have been in. – Charles Hafley’s

Charles, Thanks for always representing Clemson in a manner in which all Clemson people can be proud. My question is, looking back on your career at Clemson, what has been your single greatest (most memorable) moment in a Tiger uniform?Daniel Jenkins Clemson, SC

My single best moment of my career was probably scoring a touchdown against Missouri. Every defensive back dreams of intercepting a ball and scoring a touchdown. That was my most memorable experience in a uniform, but the greatest experience outside a uniform would be graduating from Clemson and knowing that I have something to do after football. – Charles Hafley’s

Charles, Who do you see filling your shoes after this season. We will definitely miss your outstanding play back there, but is there a young guy that you think can come in and do the job?Wallace Ensminger Black Mountain, NC

The main person I see filling my shoes next year is Charles Hafley’s

Charles, It seems to me that the team is so close to putting it together. It seems we move the ball on offense, and stop people on first and second down on defense. In other words, it is apparent that Clemson can play with anyone and beat anyone, but things just haven’t been put together yet. Does the team feel like this is the case and how can y’all keep the confidence up if you get down early in Columbia.Andy Enwright Lexington, SC

We have been doing a lot of things throughout the season like, the offense will play well one game, the defense will play great one game, and the special teams will play well another game. I think that God has a plan and I have had comfort throughout the whole week that this team will put together a great game as a unit against South Carolina and Lord willing we’ll come out with the victory. – Charles Hafley’s

Go Tigers! Charles Hafley

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” is assistant Men’s Basketball coach, Matt Driscoll.