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Brian Dawkins: Greatest Living Eagle

Brian Dawkins: Greatest Living Eagle

By Colby Lanham // Athletic Communications

When Clemson legend Brian Dawkins took the field — as a Tiger, Philadelphia Eagle, or Denver Bronco — fans knew what was in store. And so did the opposing team. With “Weapon X,” teams knew him as a playmaker who played with everything he had physically, mentally and emotionally.

And Eagles fans have not forgotten his deeds on the field for their franchise, as fans voted for Dawkins in a landslide on as the “Greatest Living Eagle.”

“As a player, Dawkins was Philly: smaller than some of his peers, but never doubting his place among them; emotional, but only because he cared so much; determined, tenacious, and unafraid. And because of this, the retired 41 year-old has had a special relationship with the city he never wanted to leave and still considers home.

-Matt Mullin, Staff

The vote was overwhemingly in Dawkins’ favor at 68% with Donovan McNabb coming in a distant second with 8%.


Dawkins, who was drafted out of Clemson and played 13 seasons for the team, finished his career as the Eagles’ all-time leader in interceptions. Dawkins stated how humbled he is by the amount of fan support he has from Philadelphia.

“That’s an absolute blessing,” Dawkins told Mullin in an interview regarding the results. “It’s not something you set out to do when you first started playing the game. And I’m no different. It’s not something I set out to do. I just wanted to be my best and hopefully along the way I’ll be a good player for my teammates.”

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