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2017 Student Ticketing FAQ

Q: What’s new in 2017?


Students now have a centralized URL ( to access important links for registering their CUID account, logging into their online account for ticket distribution, and accessing detailed information regarding student ticketing for Clemson Athletics.

2. Improved Online Queueing Technology

Students will log in to their account and request their ticket online for the 2017 season. In addition, students will notice a new technology to track their progress in the virtual line created by the distribution process. The Queue-It Technology will assist the online process by forming a virtual line based on the time a student enters the ticket distribution. Click here to see a sample of what you can expect to see with the Queue-It Technology.

3. Block Seating & General Admission Seating

Block seating will not be offered for the 2017 season. Instead, seating in the student areas of the stadium will be general admission and students who wish to sit together should enter the stadium and their designated seating area/portal together. Students must, however, sit in the correct student area of the stadium that he or she received during online ticket distribution.

For example, if you received a lower deck ticket for Game 1 and your friend received a Hill ticket, you and your friend may not sit together as you must sit in the Lower Deck and your friend must sit on the Hill.

4. Additional Stadium Entry Option

Students who receive tickets on the Hill may enter Memorial Stadium via Gate 5 on the northeast corner of the stadium at designated student entry points to help alleviate the strain placed on Gate 1. Students with Hill tickets will be sent an email notification if they are to use Gate 5 prior to game day.

5. Ticket Return Option

Students who are no longer attending the event will be able to return their ticket by logging on to their student account. All returns must be submitted by 5 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the game. Returned tickets will be made available Wednesday of game week at 9:00 a.m.

Q: How do I activate and register my student account?

A: Visit to find the link to Register your student account. You will input your CUID number (replacing the C with the number 1) and click Activate. (Example: C12345678 will be entered as 112345678) You will then be directed to create a password and setup an account. The password you create will be used to log in to your account in the future. Visit our step by step activation guide by clicking here.

Q: How do I log in to the website?

A: Visit to find the link to log in to your student account. Under the section “Already Registered” you will log in in using your CUID number and password that you have created. The C in your ID number must be replaced with a 1. (Example: C12345678 will be entered as 112345678) If you have forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password” to reset it – an email with a temporary password will be sent to you.

Q: When can I claim a ticket, and how are tickets distributed?

A: Tickets are distributed based on class standing. Please see the distribution dates and schedule below. You will only be able to log in during your class distribution window and not during other class distribution windows after your own has closed. The exception to this is for a Collegiate Club member who may log in during Collegiate Club distribution and then, if you do not receive a ticket at that time, you may log in during your class distribution time. Ticket windows are open for two hours or until all tickets are depleted for that window of time.


2017 Football Student Ticket Distribution Dates
Aug. 20-22Kent State
Aug. 27-29Auburn
Sept. 10-12Boston College
Sept. 24-26Wake Forest
Oct. 18-20Georgia Tech
Oct. 29-31Florida State
Nov. 5-7The Citadel
Home Game Distribution Schedule
Collegiate ClubSunday, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Graduate Students (9 registered hours or more)Sunday, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
SeniorsMonday, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
JuniorsMonday, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
SophomoresTuesday, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
FreshmanTuesday, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.



Q: Where do I go to claim a student ticket?

A: Visit to follow the correct link to log in to your student account and enter the student ticket distribution at your appropriate time. Alternatively, visit move your cursor over “Tickets” from the top purple bar and click “Student Tickets” from the drop-down menu.

Q: What seating options are available to me?

A: Students can choose from lower deck seats, the Hill, and top deck seats, based on availability. If you select an area that is sold out, your selection will change to the next best available seating area in the following order – Lower Deck, the Hill, Top Deck.

Q: How do I receive confirmation that I have claimed a ticket?

A: After completing the claim process you will be taken to an order confirmation page that you can print and you will be sent an email confirmation.

Q: What is the IPTAY Collegiate Club and what are the ticket distribution benefits?

A: The IPTAY Collegiate Club is the student fundraising arm of IPTAY to connect members with Clemson Athletics and make sure every Clemson team has a loyal fan base at every home game. Collegiate Club members will have priority access to the ticket distribution system on Sundays at 5 p.m. during distribution weeks (See schedule above). Students must still be eligible for student tickets (full-time status) to have an additional opportunity to claim a ticket with the IPTAY Collegiate Club.

Click here to join or renew your membership.

For Collegiate Club members to gain priority access they must join or renew their Collegiate Club membership no later than noon on Friday prior to the Sunday distribution. Any new members or membership renewals after noon on Fridays will be eligible for the following game’s Collegiate Club Sunday distribution.

Q: Are Collegiate Club members guaranteed a ticket?

A: No, Collegiate Club members are NOT guaranteed a ticket. If a Collegiate Club member is unable to claim a ticket during the Collegiate Club distribution window, they may log in a second time during their class window to attempt to claim a ticket. Students must still be eligible for student tickets (full-time status) to have an additional opportunity to claim a ticket with the IPTAY Collegiate Club.

Q: I’m a Collegiate Club member but I am unable to log in on Sunday at 5:00. Why?

A: If a Collegiate Club member is unable to log in on Sunday at 5:00 PM it is either because: 1) Your membership was not in our system by noon on Friday prior to the distribution or 2) The IPTAY office was unable to connect your Collegiate Club membership with your CUID number. If you experience the latter or are unsure if your CUID account has a Collegiate Club membership, please contact

Q: Can I sit with my friends?

A: You may sit with your friends so long as you and your friends have the same seating area and enter the stadium at the same time. Example, if you receive a lower deck ticket and your friend receives a Hill ticket, then you may not sit with your friend. Your friend will have to sit on the Hill and you will have to sit in the lower deck.

Q: Are part-time students eligible for student tickets?

A: If there are tickets remaining after student ticket distributions, part-time students will have an opportunity to purchase any remaining tickets.

Q: I am a co-op student this semester, am I eligible for student tickets?

A: Co-op students must pay a fee to the registrar’s office to become eligible for student tickets. Please contact the registrar’s office at 864-656-2171.

Q: Are student guest tickets available?

A: Guest tickets may be available depending on availability. If any tickets remain after the final distribution, guest tickets will be made available for purchase. There will not be guest tickets for the Auburn or Florida State games. Any available guest tickets will be in the top deck. We cannot guarantee that guest tickets will be available for any game.

Kent State$20
AuburnNot available
Boston College$30
Wake Forest$30
Georgia Tech$30
Florida StateNot available
The Citadel$20


Q: Are students guaranteed a ticket?

A: No, students are NOT guaranteed a ticket. Tickets are distributed by class on a first-come, first-served basis and unfortunately, there are not enough student tickets to satisfy every student. Please see the distribution schedule above.

Q: Are away game tickets available for students?

A: Away game tickets may be requested online. You must log in to your CUID account to request away games. The request process will begin Thursday, August 24th with a deadline to request of Friday, September 1st. The availability for away game student tickets is very limited. There will be a one ticket limit for students for all away games. A lottery will be run if the number of requests exceeds the number of available student tickets.

September 16thLouisville$63
September 30thVirginia Tech$110
October 13thSyracuse$60
November 4thNC State$85
November 25thSouth CarolinaLower Level – $125, Upper Level – $100


 Game Day Information

Q: Which gate do I enter at Memorial Stadium?

A: If your student ticket is located in Lower Deck Sections KK, AA, A, B, SB1, SB2, SB3 or on the Hill you MUST enter through the dedicated student gates at Gate 1 or Gate 5. If your student ticket is located in Top Deck Sections B or C you MUST enter through the dedicated student gates at Gate 16.

Q: How do I gain entrance into Memorial Stadium?

A: Your Tiger1 ID card will gain you entrance into the Memorial Stadium. There will be no paper tickets. Your ticket will be loaded onto your Tiger1 card. It must be presented for entry into the stadium at Gate 1, Gate 5, and Gate 16 depending on the location of your ticket. If you have a lower deck ticket, it must also be presented at that portal where it will be scanned and validated for entry into the lower deck if you have a lower deck ticket.

Q: Can I re-enter the stadium like other fans?

A: Yes, you are still able to re-enter the stadium like fans, however you MUST exit through the dedicated student exit gate at Gate 1, Gate 5, or Gate 16 to have your student ID scanned out. If you do not get your Tiger1 card scanned out upon exit, you will not be allowed to re-enter later.

Q: If I have an issue getting into the stadium where can I go on game day?

A: There is a ticket resolution window located in the box office at Gate 1.