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2005 Clemson Football Uniforms Made of New Material

2005 Clemson Football Uniforms Made of New Material

March 9, 2005

The Clemson football team will wear new uniforms made of lightweight Cordura Stretch material in 2005. The new material replaces the heavier knits of the past. These stretch fabrics in all areas of the uniform will create a tight fit that does not restrict movement, and at the same time will eliminate opposition grabbing points.

The new fabric will improve ventilation, will be lighter in weight, but still maintain its durability. The stretch woven material will also allow moisture, both sweat and rain, to pass through the jersey and pants.

While the material will be different, the Clemson uniform will visually maintain the school’s traditional look. The traditional home jersey will continue to be solid orange (or purple on occasion) with white Tiger paws at the shoulder. There will continue to be a small Tiger paw at the V-neck.

A thin stripe, white for the home jersey, will run from the neck to below the arm. The pants will continue to be solid in color with a thin one-color stripe down the pant leg that will match the stripe on the jersey. As in the past, there will be a Tiger paw on the left hip and a Nike logo on the right hip. Nike is the manufacturer of the uniform.