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1999 Clemson Football Outlook

Aug. 11, 1999

While Clemson had a 3-8 overall record in 1998, you could not see that in the defensive statistics. The Tigers ranked first in the ACC in sacks with 37, and rated second in total defense, yards per play allowed, rushing defense, rushing yards allowed per attempt, and pass completion percentage defense. The Tigers ranked 14th in the nation in rushing defense and 25th in total defense. Only Florida State was better than Clemson in most defensive statistical categories.

This marked the seventh time in the decade of the 1990s that Clemson has ranked in the top 20 in the country in rushing defense. Six times in the decade Clemson has been in the top 20 in scoring defense and this was the fourth time in the 1990s that Clemson has been in the top 25 in total defense.

       Total          Rush         Score Year  Defense        Defense      Defense1990    1st (216.9)   2nd (71.7)   2nd (9.9)1991    4th (263.2)   1st (53.4)  10th (13.5)1992   13th (120.1)1993   24th (128.5)  15th (16.3)1994   14th (113.5)  17th (17.1)1995   18th (122.0)  10th (16.2)19961997   16th (312.5)   6th (88.3)  18th (18.0)1998   25th (320.1)  14th (104.5)