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18 Tigers On NFL Rosters

18 Tigers On NFL Rosters

Sept. 1, 2003

Clemson has 19 former players on NFL rosters, including three injured reserve players, according to rosters released by NFL clubs on Sunday. Sunday was the final day of cuts for the league, which will begin play this Thursday.

The list of active players includes rookie Bryant McNeal with the Denver Broncos, who was a starter for Clemson just last season. Nick Eason, who was drafted in the fourth round along with McNeal, is on injured reserve due to an Achilles tendon problem. Gary Byrd, a senior in 2002, is also on injured reserve, with the Buffalo Bills.

The list of veterans includes Chris Gardocki, who is in his 13th year in the NFL as a punter. The former pro bowl punter is with the Cleveland Browns. Gardocki holds the career punting average record for both the Browns (44.1) and the Indianapolis Colts (44.8). Chester McGlockton (New York Jets), James Trapp (Jacksonville Jaguars) and Brentson Buckner (Carolina Panthers) are three other former Tigers who are in double figures in years of experience in the NFL. Trapp, who is a member of the Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame for his track accomplishments, is in his 11th year in the league, his first with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was a member of the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Championship team two years back.

Former Clemson Players on NFL Rosters        Name    Pos     Hgt     Wgt     CU      NFL Exp Team        Keith Adams     LB      5-11    230     98-00   3rd     Philadelphia Eagles        Brentson Buckner        DE      6-2     305     90-93   10th    Carolina Panthers        #Gary Byrd      OT      6-4     320     99-02   R       Buffalo Bills        Woody Dantzler  QB      5-11    205     98-01   2nd     Dallas Cowboys        Brian Dawkins   DB      5-11    200     92-95   8th     Philadelphia Eagles        Adrian Dingle   DE      6-3     272     95-98   5th     San Diego Chargers        #Nick Eason     DT      6-3     290     99-02   R       Denver Broncos        Antwan Edwards  DB      6-1     205     95-98   5th     Green Bay Packers        Rod Gardner     WR      6-3     218     97-00   3rd     Washington Redskins        Chris Gardocki  P       6-1     200     88-90   13th    Cleveland Browns        Lamont Hall     TE      6-4     260     94-97   5th     Atlanta Falcons        #Corey Hulsey   OL      6-5     330     96-98   2nd     Oakland Raiders        Dexter McCleon  DB      5-10    195     93-96   7th     Kansas City Chiefs        Chester McGlockton      DT      6-4     335     89-91   12th    New York Jets        Bryant McNeal   DE      6-4     250     99-02   R       Denver Broncos        Trevor Pryce    DT      6-5     295     1996    7th     Denver Broncos        Anthony Simmons LB      6-0     230     95-97   6th     Seattle Seahawks        James Trapp     DB      6-2     190     89-92   11th    Jacksonville Jaguars        # Injured Reserve