110 Society Launches

To support Clemson student-athletes with opportunities to market their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), Clemson community leaders have announced the founding of 110 Society, the new one-stop shop for all things Clemson NIL and official partner of Clemson Athletics. 110 Society will create opportunities for fans, donors and businesses to participate in and benefit from NIL deals with student-athletes.

C.D. Davies will lead 110 Society as its General Manager after spending the past two years working as the NIL coordinator for Clemson Football. Previously, Davies was a longtime executive in the banking industry, serving as CEO for CitiMortgage, LendingTree and Wachovia Mortgage.

Clemson Partners With INFLCR on NIL Marketplace

Clemson has partnered with INFLCR to start the Clemson Exchange. The Clemson Exchange is a student-athlete NIL business registry, custom-designed for businesses, donors, alumni, and any other interested NIL dollars wishing to connect with student-athletes. Registered businesses can search, filter and initiate conversations with your student-athletes to discuss an NIL deal.

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Clemson Announces NIL Program, Reign.

CLEMSON, S.C. – Clemson Athletics and Director of Athletics Graham Neff are proud to announce the next generation of the Tigers’ Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) programming dubbed “Reign.” Clemson’s multifaceted program is aggressive, comprehensive, education-focused and suited to the ever-changing landscape.

“We’ve talked for a while about our intent to become more aggressive in the NIL environment, and I feel that Reign. personifies that notion,” said Neff. “While many of these services have been available to our student-athletes since last year, our department has worked tirelessly to evolve our NIL philosophy. It’s critical that our student-athletes have the education and tools to succeed in this area, and that our coaches have a direct way to address the questions they receive on the recruiting trail. NIL is ever-changing, and we will continue to monitor, adapt and innovate.”



Clemson Athletics is dedicated to investing in resources that allow our student-athletes to gain an advantage in athletic performance, the classroom, and the marketplace. 

There is a new paradigm. College athletics represents the pinnacle of athletics for many student-athletes, and Reign. helps students realize this opportunity while on campus. Clemson is committed to success, and a robust NIL program is the next evolution.


Where do we start? Clemson Athletics invests heavily in the student experience – on the field, in the classroom, and publicly. Opportunities now exist for student-athletes to activate their Name, Image and Likeness for financial gain. Clemson is dedicated to ensuring we provide best-in-class tools to our student-athletes, and education sits at the heart – the main thing is still the main thing. From ideation to creative to business development and execution, Reign immediately places Clemson at the forefront of NIL programming to allow student-athletes to capitalize. 


NIL is new, and we’re building our program from the ground up. Clemson will be the first athletics program in the nation to construct a space dedicated to the development of NIL activity – The Clemson Athletics Branding institute. The institute will provide an environment to educate students, incubate ideas, and serve as a launchpad for student-athlete opportunities. The CAB will feature a photo studio, video studios, audio suite, office space and a media training area in more than 12,000 square feet. The building, presently under construction, is located adjacent to the Poe Indoor Football Complex. MORE>

Neff: “We’re incredibly thankful to the families who have made the building possible through their support. This community has shown time and again its commitment to Clemson Athletics and what it takes to be great.”


A building without the right people is just a place. The people give it meaning. Internally and externally, we’re taking an inclusive approach to understanding the market, ramping up internal staffing, and executing key external partnerships in highly-specialized areas. 

Our program starts with our in-house creative agency, College Avenue Creative. We’re leaning on more than 10 years of experience as a nationally-recognized social media and branding powerhouse. 

Clemson has additional vital partnerships in several areas to accelerate quickly for all student-athletes. The world-renowned Spiro Institute within The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, national-leader Altius Sports Partners in education and policy, and CLC, Fanatics and OneTeam in the licensing space. Clemson has also been engaged with Opendorse since 2016 as a platform for students to build their brand. Clemson distributed more than 100,000 pieces of content to student-athletes last year, and is on pace to easily surpass that number in 2022. MORE>


It starts with integrity. We’re rolling up our sleeves and looking at every part of the NIL process, from ideation to tax considerations and everything in between – and doing it the right way. Countless alumni, charities, collectives and businesses are looking to leverage the Power of the Paw and the young men and women who represent Clemson. The Clemson community is fiercely loyal and is mobilizing. They’re looking for student-athletes to represent, serve, and drive value. 


We’re just beginning. Personalized jerseys, co-branded apparel, video games, NFTs, trading cards, podcasts, photos, videos, and other exciting opportunities are on the horizon for our student-athletes. Clemson is constantly and rapidly developing new partnerships and opportunities to enhance its educational resources and provide student-athletes the tools to make decisions that can positively impact their futures.