We’re building our NIL program from the ground up.

Clemson is the first athletics program in the nation to construct a space dedicated to the development of NIL activity – the Clemson Athletics Branding institute. The institute provides an environment to educate students, incubate ideas, and serve as a launchpad for student-athlete opportunities. The CAB will feature:

  • Photo studio
  • video studios
  • audio suite
  • office space and
  • a media training area

The new build houses more than 12,000 square feet. The building, presently under construction, is located adjacent to the Poe Indoor Football Complex.

The building came online in early 2023.

Policy for the Use of CUAD Student NIL Facilities

1.0       Purpose:  This policy establishes the rules for the use of Clemson University Athletics Department (CUAD) facilities and equipment for student Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) development.

2.0       Scope: This policy applies to the “Clemson Athletics Branding Institute” and similar CUAD facilities designated by the Director of Athletics for use in student NIL content development and related equipment and resources (“NIL Creation Facilities”).

3.0       Policy Statement:

3.1       NIL Creation Facilities may be used by all students enrolled in Clemson University, regardless of athletics status.

3.2       Students who wish to use NIL Creation Facilities may do so via the official request form here:

3.3       Students who wish to check out content creation equipment (e.g., cameras, microphones) should contact the Cooper Library or use the online reservation link. CUAD also has equipment available for use in NIL Creation Facilities which may, on a limited basis, be checked out for use.

3.4       NIL Creation Facilities are not available for use by the general public.

3.5       NIL Creation Facilities are not available for use by third-party producers, non-students, or others not affiliated with Clemson University, even if accompanied by a student.

3.6       Any use of Clemson University trademarks in student NIL content requires written permission, which may be requested via this link.

3.7       Use of other Clemson University facilities or locations for the creation of Student NIL must comply with the Clemson University Facilities Use Policy.  For use of facilities outside of CUAD contact ______.

3.8       Student use of NIL Creation Facilities is on a space available basis.  Availability, including reserved times, are not guaranteed. Clemson University is not responsible for any losses or damages due to the unavailability of any NIL Creation Facility. CUAD reserves the right to decline services in its discretion. The use of NIL Creation Facilities or any Clemson University trademarks may not be done in a way that implies any endorsement by Clemson University or a guarantee as to the quality or timeliness of the created materials.