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What’s Happening with SOS…

Jan. 24, 2012

On December 19, 2011, while most of Clemson’s student-athlete population had traveled home for winter break, members of the track and field team were dedicating their time to the Salvation Army and two struggling families. For several years, Clemson’s track and field program has thrown a Salvation Army Christmas party for families in the Angel Tree Program. With the Angel Tree Program, the families submit a list of gifts that they are unable to purchase themselves. The track and field team then choses several gifts from the list to give the families at the Christmas party. The Christmas party is an opportunity for the student-athletes to give to families in need and help them celebrate Christmas with gifts.

One father wrote, “The team allowed us to have a wonderful evening and took a lot of stress off of our family.” The Christmas party was just one of several holiday parties that Tiger student-athletes participated in to help spread Christmas cheer around the Clemson area.

Now that the 2012 spring semester has begun, Clemson student-athletes are gearing up for some of the Solid Orange Squad’s biggest projects of the year. Alyssa Kulik and the newspaper staff are putting the final touches on this year’s newspaper so it can be sent to press. Brannon Sulka and Cory Thalheimer are beginning to plan the Be a T.I.G.E.R! Field Day, and others are preparing for Boy Scout Day and the Special Olympics. These events combined will bring over 3,000 people to Clemson’s campus and will provide opportunities for many student-athletes to give back to the local communities.