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Weekend Ladies Clinic Doubles Previous Attendance Record

Weekend Ladies Clinic Doubles Previous Attendance Record

Aug. 7, 2001

The 2nd annual Tommy Bowden Ladies Clinic set a new attendance record with 1,035 ladies on Saturday. The clinic doubled their numbers from last year’s total (515). The clinic touched upon many of the unseen facets of the game. Women were taught everything from football signals to everyday life as a student-athlete.

Brad Scott welcomed the ladies, which was held at Littlejohn Coliseum. The clinic featured presentations on the Tiger Defense – Reggie Herring, Tiger Offense – Mike O’Cain, Offensive Line – Ron West, Running Backs – Burton Burns, Equipment – Alphonso Smith, Strength/ Conditioning – Joey Batson, Questions/Answers – Tommy and Linda Bowden, and Questions/Answers – Woodrow Dantzler, Willie Simmons, Aaron Hunt and Nick Eason.

The clinic concluded with each lady carrying on the most famous Clemson Tradition – rubbing Howard’s Rock and running down “the Hill”.