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WBB: Italy Adventure, Day 3

WBB: Italy Adventure, Day 3

The Clemson women’s basketball team is in Italy from Aug. 4-14 for a tour which includes stops in Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Florence and Rome, games against three international teams and unlimited opportunities for learning, bonding and creating unforgettable memories.

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Aug. 7

Day 3 of our Italy adventure started early, with a 3-hour bus trip from Lake Como to Vicenza, followed by a walking tour of Vicenza. There were so many beautiful and historic sights to see, and many of the buildings were built in the 1200’s! (We will share all of our pictures with you when we get back to Clemson and have more reliable wi-fi.)

It was another extremely hot day, with temperatures near 100 degrees, so halfway through our walking tour, Director of Operations Kathy Becker treated the entire group to gelato. It was a welcome treat, and gelato has certainly been one of everyone’s go-to snacks since arriving in Italy, especially because of the extreme heat.

After the tour, we drove to our hotel, Hotel Villa Michelangelo, which overlooks the city of Vicenza and has some of the most beautiful views we have seen on our trip so far. We didn’t have much time to rest because we had a very special evening planned, a trip to Francesca Tagliapietra’s hometown, Carre, for dinner at her house with her family and friends.

Franny’s house has a beautiful back yard and there were tables set up so that everyone could sit together outside for dinner. We ate a delicious meal (all of the meals in Italy are served in courses, and this one had four!), and had time to talk and get to know Franny’s friends and family. The evening was so enjoyable, and we cannot thank Franny’s mom, her two older sisters and her extended family and friends for inviting us into their home.

When we got back to Hotel Villa Michelangelo, it was lights out, as we knew we had a jam-packed day ahead on Saturday, with a tour of Venice as well as our second game of the trip.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@culadytigers) and Twitter (@ClemsonWBB) throughout the day every day for the most up-to-date information about our trip. We’ll also do our best to recap each day on, wi-fi permitting!