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Feb 21, 2020

Udoka, Valdes Earn 2020 ACC Postgraduate Scholarship Recognition

Rowing’s Aliute Udoka and Women’s Golf’s Ana Paula Valdes have been recognized as 2020 Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate Scholarship Award recipients, the Atlantic Coast Conference announced Friday. Udoka, a 2019 All-ACC Second-Team selection, is an animal and veterinary sciences major. Valdes is a communication major from Morelia, Mexico and a three-time Academic All-ACC selection. Valdes is an honorary nominee for the award, as she intends to pursue a professional career in golf after graduation. 

Udoka is the only rower on the 50-person list, while Valdes is one of just two women’s golfers. The Women’s Golf program has had an honoree in each of the past three years, joining Alice Hewson in 2019 and Marisa Messana in 2018. Udoka is the first Clemson rower to earn the award since Anna Skochdopole in 2016. 

The Weaver-James-Corrigan postgraduate scholarship is awarded to selected student-athletes who intend to pursue a graduate degree following completion of their undergraduate requirements. Each recipient will receive $6,000 toward his or her graduate education. Those honored have performed with distinction in both the classroom and their respective sport, while demonstrating exemplary conduct in the community.

The student-athletes will be honored at the annual Cone Health ACC Postgraduate Scholarship Luncheon presented by ESPN on Wednesday, April 8. The luncheon will be hosted by the Nat Greene Kiwanis Club at the Sheraton Four Seasons Guilford Ballroom in Greensboro, N.C.

About the Weaver-James-Corrigan Award
The Weaver-James-Corrigan Award is named in honor of the late Jim Weaver, Bob James, and Gene Corrigan, the first three ACC commissioners. The league’s first commissioner, James H. Weaver, served the conference from 1954-70 after a stint as the Director of Athletics at Wake Forest University. His early leadership and uncompromising integrity are largely responsible for the excellent reputation enjoyed by the ACC today.

Robert C. James, a former University of Maryland football player, was named commissioner in 1971 and served in that capacity for 16 years. During his tenure, the league continued to grow in stature and became recognized as a national leader in athletics and academics, winning 23 national championships and maintaining standards of excellence in the classroom.

Eugene F. Corrigan assumed his role as the third full-time commissioner on September 1, 1987 and served until August of 1997. During Corrigan’s tenure, ACC schools captured 30 NCAA championships and two national football titles.

Prior to 1994, the Weaver-James postgraduate scholarships were awarded as separate honors, including the Jim Weaver Award, the Marie James Award and the Bob James Award.

Clemson’s All-time Postgraduate Scholars

YearStudent AthleteSportAward
2022Jacob BridgemanMen's GolfWeaver-James-Corrigan-Swofford#
2022Sydney DawsonWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan-Swofford
2022George MarksMen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan-Swofford
2022Cammy PereiraSoftballWeaver-James-Corrigan-Swofford
2021Marissa GiumbardaSoftballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2021Courtney JonesWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2021Grace MattimoreSoftballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2021William NottinghamMen's GolfWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2020Ana Paula ValdesWomen's GolfWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2019Christian WilkinsFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2019Miranda WeslakeWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2019Alice HewsonWomen's GolfWeaver-James-Corrigan & Thacker
2018Oliver ShannonMen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2018Grace BarnettWomen's Cross Country/TrackWeaver-James-Corrigan
2018Marisa MessanaWomen's GolfWeaver-James-Corrigan
2018Daniela Ruiz AlvarezWomen's TennisWeaver-James-Corrigan
2017Deshaun WatsonFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2017Abby JonesWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2017Gabby ByorthWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2017Emily ByorthWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2016Anna SkochdopoleRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2016Jordan RoperMen's BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2016Tristen DewarWomen's TennisWeaver-James-Corrigan
2015Hunter HarringtonMen's TennisWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2015Katelyn ReeveWomen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2015Romy KoelzerWomen's TennisWeaver-James-Corrigan
2015Ara AmirkhanianMen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2014Thomas McNamaraMen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan & Thacker
2014Chandler CatanzaroFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2014Emily HowardWomen's Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2014Alex StockingerMen's SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2013Rashard HallFootballJim and Pat Thacker
2013Natalie PatzinVolleyballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2013Alexa RandVolleyballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2012Becca BrownRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2012Alyssa KulikWomen’s Cross CountryWeaver-James-Corrigan
2012Tanner SmithMen’s BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2012Dawson ZimmermanFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2011Stephanie BuffoWomen’s Cross Country/Track & FieldWeaver-James-Corrigan
2011Elizabeth SavageWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2011Michael WadeFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2011Patricia MamonaWomen’s Track & FieldWeaver-James-Corrigan#
2010Gregory EckhardtMen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2010Ben MartinGolfWeaver-James-Corrigan
2010Michelle NanceRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2010Katrina ObasWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2009Megan BendikRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2009Jimmy ManersFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2009Rachel RegoneWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2008Cliff HammondsMen’s BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2008Elizabeth JobeWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2008Meghan SteinerVolleyballJim and Pat Thacker
2007Sarah CefaluWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2007Brittany GambleRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2007Thomas HunterFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2007Britten MyerWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2006Ashlee BrownRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2006Nichole CarltonWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2006Bradley GibsonMen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2006Paige LedfordWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2006Brooke QueenanWomen’s BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2005Mary Nell GreenRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2005Shelly KlausWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2005Gisele OliveiraWomen’s Track & FieldWeaver-James-Corrigan
2004Tony ElliottFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2004Allison MitchellWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2004Kanetra QueenWomen’s BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2003Jenna BurtchWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2003Jackie RobinsonFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2002Chad CarsonFootballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2002Katie CarsonWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
2001Lauren HenneRowingWeaver-James-Corrigan
2000Alison CodayVolleyballWeaver-James-Corrigan
2000Beth KellerWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
1999Jennifer MihalikWomen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
1999Tom WidemanMen’s BasketballWeaver-James-Corrigan
1999Will YorkMen’s Swimming & DivingWeaver-James-Corrigan
1998Angela BramesWomen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
1997Craig WenningMen’s SoccerWeaver-James-Corrigan
1996Anthony McCroreyFootballWeaver-James
1995Ronald Glenn Jr.FootballWeaver-James
1995Jodie PhillipsWomen’s Track & FieldWeaver-James
1994Jaroslaw ZawislanMen’s SoccerWeaver-James
1993Anthony KnightMen’s Track & FieldJim Weaver
1992Elizabeth DolanWomen’s Swimming & DivingMarie James
1992Bruce BattonFootballBob James
1991Dov KremerMen’s Track & FieldJim Weaver
1991Kelly Ann WongWomen’s Swimming & DivingMarie James
1989Henrik SkovMen’s Track & FieldJim Weaver
1987Denise MurphyVolleyballMarie James
1980Bobby ConradMen’s BasketballJim Weaver
1979Steve FullerFootballJim Weaver
1973Ben AndersonFootballJim Weaver
# – honorary Award Winner