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Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Aug. 29, 2006

Clemson Football Press Conference
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Tommy Bowden on concerns for the Florida Atlantic game: “The biggest concern I’m going to have is the number of young people, freshmen and red-shirt freshmen, we have playing in this game. There are going to be about 19 freshmen and red-shirt freshmen playing and 20 altogether including walk-on (punter) Jimmy Maners. I need to find out answers about those players and how much they contribute. Also, there are six sophomores starting on defense which has not happened since 1994 (over the course of a season), so the inexperience will be a concern. We also have a quarterback making just his second start. What I hope to find out from this game is how much these guys contribute.”

Tommy Bowden on opening with Florida Atlantic: “There are pros and cons. Last year our players had a greater sense of urgency for the Texas A&M game simply because they were nationally ranked. Florida Atlantic is not, so the players need to feel the same kind of urgency and that is not always possible.”

Tommy Bowden on coaching against Howard Schnellenberger: “I was familiar with him when he was at Miami (FL) and I was a graduate assistant at Florida State for my father. I know he is a very respected coach and has been successful teaching sound fundamentals. But, I have never coached against him as a head coach.

Tommy Bowden on Clemson’s preseason national ranking: “The hype may be a motivating factor, but by the first snap and collision, that is usually diminished and the experience comes out. Those sophomores and freshmen haven’t experienced the hype, and it may benefit them, but after the game starts, it will be minimal.”

Tommy Bowden on his anxiety level for the game: “I will get a little antsy before this particular opening game because of the inexperience of our quarterback, a lot of young guys will be playing, new punt protection, and playing a team where the media has predicted us to win. Yeah, I usually lose sleep that Friday.”

Tommy Bowden on the summer and fall workouts: “What this team has traditionally done well in the summer and around this time is they work extremely hard. We’ve got a lot of confidence in our ability to play a 60-minute game and a 12-game schedule. So we have a comfort zone there that we will go into this game in pretty good shape and we’re healthy with the exception of Tramaine Billie (senior linebacker who started last year). Having five starters back on the offensive line is a comfort zone.”

Tommy Bowden on the new rules changes in regards to running the clock: “The bigger burden is going to be on the offenses. The amount of time will be changed. We’re use to a lot of time for TV timeouts on the sideline, going out and getting set, then starting ready for play. Since that ready for play signal is going to be a lot sooner, I think that the defense will be insignificant to the amount of change they have to make. We’ve practice it in the practice field and the stadium and made it as much a game type situation as we could without actually being in the game. There may be some potential delay of games penalties simply because college football hasn’t experienced this.”

Tommy Bowden on the loss of linebacker Tramaine Billie due to injury: “We can’t replace his speed, it’s a game of speed and quickness, and is a big attribute in football no matter the level whether it is high school, college or the NFL. The loss of speed will hurt us a little bit. Also, we’re replacing a senior with a sophomore so the experience factor will hurt.”

Tommy Bowden on the WestZone Project: “I think it is great for the fans. Right now the part that is completed is fan friendly. The guys that bought the seats will have a great experience. They’re great seats and the luxuries they have with that area are outstanding. It will be fan friendly especially if it is a hot day.”

Tommy Bowden on defensive end Gaines Adams and his decision to return for his senior season: “One of the number one reasons that he wanted his stay was because he wanted to graduate, which he is in line to do in December. That’s not a surprise because he’s never been in trouble academically. I’ve never had a report from study hall, class attendance, or anything. I think another thing is he is trying to build up strength at the point of attack and rushing. He wants to be fundamentally sound when taking on larger guys.”