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Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 18, 2006

Clemson Football Press Conference
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On Georgia Tech’s wide receiver Calvin Johnson: “The biggest thing is his height, speed, and size. You don’t see a lot of receivers that big. He’s a top-five or top-10 first-round draft pick, and you expect him to make some plays. He’s a game-changer and momentum-changer. I think the Virginia Tech game showed that. I think Patrick Nix (Georgia Tech offensive coordinator) has done a good job this year getting him the ball, and putting him in different positions and creating formations that can get him open. I think he has been more of a factor this year than he was last year at least statistically.”

On Georgia Tech’s quarterback Reggie Ball: “He’s a seasoned veteran. There’s not much you can throw at him that will rattle him. You have to account for him as a running back, and rush lanes and discipline as far as containment. He presents a problem. He’s making good decisions, and he’s a big reason for their success.”

On ESPN College GameDay coming to Clemson: “This is a game that is easy to motivate. Our motivation is not going to be a factor, where as Temple you’ve got to find creative ways to motivate. Georgia Tech is a team where this won’t be a problem. Execution won’t be a problem. As far as GameDay coming, that’s why guys go to college at schools like this, to have the opportunity to play a game of this magnitude. I wish we can do it more, and hopefully we can in the future. I think they will be very excited. I think it’s a win-win for Clemson and ESPN.”

On the game against Georgia Tech: “We had four turnovers last year. We’re fourth in the conference in turnover ratio and they’re (Georgia Tech) first. They’re turning it over less than us. In a game like this that is expected to be close, several things will be a key factor. The kicking game, inability to rush, and of course turnovers can be a difference in a field goal, which could be the difference in the game.”

On Georgia Tech’s defense: “A lot of teams are multiple front, but they’re multiple front and multiple pressure. The ones that play multiple front usually don’t play multiple pressure. They’re not a real big team, but they’re very quick and very agile. Our offensive linemen will have to catch movement. Something always will be coming at them from somewhere. They’re not stationary targets. They’re a gap-controlled, pressure defense, and that is unusual. We haven’t played anyone with the percentage of time that they blitz. It’s practically every single play that five are coming. Jon Tenuta (defensive coordinator) has a great track record.”

On James Davis on picking up on blitzes: “It is going to be very important (that he picks up on blitzes). He has improved a lot. This will be his biggest test because of the multiple fronts he will see. The different fronts will give him different reads, so he’s made great progress, but again this will be a great challenge for him, Reggie (Merriweather), and C.J. (Spiller).”

On the recruiting of Atlanta native James Davis: “It had been tough to convince a back that we were dedicated to running the football. We made a change, and we hired a guy (Rob Spence) who had a background in that (running the football). We recruited him under the pretense that he would be at the right place at the right time. Thank goodness he bought into it, because he was a quality back, and he was here at the right time. We made the commitment and we had the system, and the rest is history for him. I’ve been amazed at how well he has handled the success. He’s really done well. He’s a good student, and he’s does things he’s suppose to off the field. He’s a good leader.”

On balanced offense: “I’ve mentioned before that my preference would be 60 to 70 percent run to pass with run being the 60 to 70 percent. We’re probably getting close to that. Anytime you’re ahead, then your rushing numbers are going to be bigger, but when we can run against good people, then that is important. We’ve been able to do that. The Boston College game is a good indicator of when we had to throw. Will (Proctor) threw for 343 yards. The way defense plays, you have to be able to run and throw. It helps when you’re balanced. Georgia Tech and we are very similar if you look at the statistics.”