Tigers Volunteer with United Way/Golden Harvest

Tigers Volunteer with United Way/Golden Harvest

CLEMSON, S.C. – Members of the Clemson women’s basketball team and staff spent the afternoon of Thursday, July 23 volunteering with the United Way of Anderson County at the Golden Harvest Warehouse. The Tigers helped pack Backpack Snack Packs, which are distributed weekly to elementary school children in Anderson County who are identified as having a meal gap over the weekends.

All 14 members of the team, as well as several members of the staff, formed assembly lines and worked for an hour and a half to pack 1,072 bags of food for children in need. As is often the case with the team, the event turned in to a bit of a competition, and at the end of the session, the team was told that the 1,072 bags of food were a new record, in record time, for a volunteer group.

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