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The Meaning of Military Appreciation

The Meaning of Military Appreciation

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Directed by Nik ConklinProduced by Jonathan Gantt and Nik ConklinFilmed by Danny Seyffer and Nik ConklinVoice of Colonel Sandy Edge, USAF, Ret. (Class of ’72)

“The beauty and the true meaning of Military Appreciation Day…it’s a time for us to come together as 80,000 strong as Clemson Tigers.

To sit back take a deep breath and reflect. Chances are, many people in that 80,000 had someone who served…

And to truly take time for just a moment to think how blessed we are and the sacrifices that so many have given so that we can serve in any way we choose possible. What a great opportunity.

As I walk across this campus and certainly the Scroll of Honor and then Memorial Park around the scroll of honor is something that I would consider truly sacred ground.

Four hundred and eighty-five men who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country to defend freedom to give everyone opportunities to enjoy life.

Men who were football players, wrestlers, brothers, sons and husbands. …who answered their nation’s call for something they truly believed in.

There is something in these hills that sends a chill up and down your spine when you see that kind of commitment and that kind of promise come to pass.

It felt like home to me. Clemson spoke to me. Next to my mother and father and my family in Wompee, S.C., I knew Clemson would always be there for me.

No greater love as anyone than to stand in harm’s way and lay down their life. But to take advantage of the blessings and the opportunities we have to make the world a better place.

I think that’s all any veteran or anyone who has stood in harm’s way would ask.

Make it a better place.”

– Colonel Sandy Edge, USAF, Ret. (Class of ’72)