Steve Reba Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Steve Reba Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

April 19, 2001

Below are Steve Reba’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Jim for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”. _______________________________________________________________

Steve, What was the key to cause you to want to play for the Tigers?John Caudle Columbia, SC

I saw Clemson in the World Series in 1996. I enjoyed the way they approached the game and thought it would be great to be a Tiger.

Steve, Do you like being called the “Ace” of the staff?Robert S. Key Easley, SC

Yes, I enjoy it, but don’t think about it all that much. I just try to focus on getting people out.

Steve, What major league pitcher did you model your style after growing up?Danny Tacktan Myrtle Beach, SC

I always liked Orel Hershiser when I was younger. But now, like everyone I suppose, I watch Greg Maddux quite a bit.

Steve, Situation: A 12yr.old pitcher (Dixie Youth) pitching the ball at 3/4 (not over-hand or submarine style) and not trying to throw a curve ball. In your opinion, do you feel there is a danger here for pos. elbow (or?) damage? He says it “feels” normal when he pitches this way. If you feel he shouldn’t pitch this way, please give suggestions about how he can come over the top with his pitch. At what age should he be before trying to throw curve balls coming over the top with his pitch. Finally, at what age should a young person begin to lift weights? Thanks and GO TIGERS!!James E. Johnson Greenwood, SC

I think the 3/4 arm-slot is fine. That is where I have always thrown form, even when I was his age. I started to throw a curveball when I was about 13 or 14. I didn’t start lifting weights until I was 16. But, I had a friend who started when he was 14 and blew his arm out in high school. Lifting is not as important for a young pitcher than throwing. Lifting becomes vital when you reach your full development.

Steve, How far do you see the Tigers going in postseason play?Joseph Davis Aiken, SC

If we can reach our full potential don’t be surprised to see in the last game of the year.

Steve, With your work in the post-season last year, no one should be surprised that you are the ace of the staff this year. Do you think Clemson’s pitching staff is strong enough to get them back to the College World Series this year? Also, how is Patrick Boyd progressing? Best of luck to the Tigers!Joe Redlinger Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you. Yes, I really believe we are as strong or even stronger this year. We have not quite shown it yet, but hopefully it will come. Patrick is doing very well and should be back shortly.

Steve, What has been your favorite tournament road trip? What is your favorite venue in the ACC?Jackson Odom Raleigh, NC

Without a doubt my favorite road trip was going to Omaha. My favorite ACC trip is probably Chapel Hill. My parents went there and it is a beautiful place, but not as beautiful as Clemson.

Steve, Did you follow Clemson growing up? Or college baseball in general? If so, who were some of the players you followed? Steven Thompson Greenville, SC

I definitely followed college baseball. I always liked to watch Benson, Burrel, McDonald, and Paul Wilson to name a few.

Steve, What Tiger hitter is the toughest to get out in practice?Lee Stylous Clemson, SC

Casey Stone. He never misses the ball.

Steve, How big was last Wednesday’s comeback win over Coastal? It seemed like the Tigers were about to throw in the towel for the season and then the comeback has struck a 5 game (let’s hope it becomes six tonight in Columbia) winning streak. Do you think that the team had begun to lose interest until that or do you think the team was just struggling with confidence? Or was it just really good competition? Thanks and GO TIGERS!!!!Bill Gardner Tampa, FL

It was a very big win. We would never throw in the towel though. We might have lacked a little confidence for that short period of time but I don’t see it happening again.

Steve, My son is 15 and a pretty good pitcher at the high school level. What advice would you give him/me to make it to the next level as you have? Ron Bledsoe Bristol, VA

Send out material on yourself to college programs when he is a junior and go to camps. Don’t always expect to get recruited.

Steve, Without being a “power” pitcher (fastball in 90’s), what do you rely on the most in your arsenal of pitches?Brian Odum Richmond, VA

I rely on being able to throw any of my pitches in any count.

Thanks for all of the great questions. We’ll see you this weekend for our showdown with the Jackets. Go Tigers! Steve Reba

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will be the coach of the defending outdoor and indoor ACC Champion men’s track team, Bob Pollock.