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Statement From Coach Leggett

Statement From Coach Leggett

Statement from Coach Jack Leggett:

I would like to thank all of my present and former student-athletes whom I have had the privilege to coach over the past 24 years at Clemson as well as the 14 years prior. I am grateful for their efforts, both on and off the field, and in the classroom. I’m extremely proud to have been their coach and teacher and of all our accomplishments together.

I also want to thank all of my present and former assistant coaches, who have worked so hard and have been so loyal.  Many of them have gone on to do great things.  I appreciate very much our hard-working and helpful support staff who have been instrumental in helping make our program so respected.

It has been a great pleasure to work alongside so many outstanding coaches and great people who have made a lasting impact on myself as well as Clemson.  I truly have met some of the greatest people in my life during my time here as leader of this program.

Thank you to all of the loyal and positive fans for your undying love of the Clemson Baseball program.  Your enthusiasm and support will never be forgotten!

For close to a quarter of a century, I put my heart and soul into this baseball program and I wish nothing but continued success to the players, coaches, and Clemson Baseball.  I will always cherish my time spent here at Clemson.


Jack Leggett #7