Statement from Clemson Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips

Oct. 18, 2008

“I have always come to the sidelines at some point during a game my entire career as an athletic director. At the conclusion of the game ESPN announcers made comments about me micro-managing the football staff during the game.

“I don’t make comments to our football staff during the game and I stay out of the way. I certainly do not micro-manage. In this instance, when Coach Swinney came to the end of the team box where I was standing, I did comment about the holding against a Clemson offensive lineman on the fourth-and-12 play at the end of the game. That frustration was directed at the call, and not towards anything our coaching staff or players had done.

“After reviewing the ESPN video I am very disappointed that the announcers made these statements, because they had no idea what I was saying or how we conduct our business here.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of Coach Swinney, the staff and the football team, for the way they handled this entire week, especially today.”