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Cristina Mayorova

Cristina Mayorova - Women's Tennis - Clemson University Athletics
Barcelona, Spain
High School:
Institut Obert de Catalunya

2021-22 (Sophomore):

Singles Record: 11-21 overall, 7-15 dual, 4-9 ACC

Doubles Record: 12-20 overall, 4-16 dual, 2-11 ACC

  • Played mostly at Court 1
  • Earned two ranked wins

2020-21 (Freshman):

Singles Record: 10-10 overall, 10-8 dual, 4-7 ACC

Doubles Record: 5-15 overall, 5-12 dual, 0-9 ACC

Before Clemson: 

  • Won a couple of European championships
  • Won the Spanish national tournament.
  • Played for the national team representing Spain.
  • Was selected to represent the school for a math competition and got third-place, earning her a spot in the national competition. She was unable to attend due to a tennis tournament conflict.

“Why did you choose Clemson?”

“I just loved it in my visit, I loves the environment the campus and the people around.”

“What are your goals after graduation?”

“I would like to try going into professional tennis but If that’s doesn’t work out I would like to become a tennis coach.”

Fun Fact:

“I won a couple art competitions. I won 7 times consecutive in a catalán level competition for art.”