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Solid Orange Squad Visits Three Elementary Schools November 23-24

Solid Orange Squad Visits Three Elementary Schools November 23-24

Dec. 1, 2009


The Solid Orange Squad visited three schools on November 23 and 24 before heading off for Thanksgiving Break.

On Monday, November 23, Xavier Dye (football) traveled to Ware Shoals Elementary to congratulate the students on their reading efforts. The school has a Clemson/Carolina Reading Challenge each year and students can choose to read for the Carolina Team or the Clemson Team. This year, the Clemson Team read over 800 books while the Carolina Team came up short, reading only 500 books. As a reward, Dye visited with the students, passed out awards and signed autographs.

On Monday afternoon, members of the Clemson baseball team traveled to Walhalla Elementary for the Family Literacy Day Celebration. The athletes visited the classrooms and read stories to the students. They also engaged the students in short discussions and answered questions. Baseball players who visited this school include Mike Freeman, Brad Miller, Chris Epps, Phil Pohl, Spencer Kieboom, Richie Shaffer, Will Lamb, Scott Weismann, Kevin Kyle and Justin Sarratt.

Katrina Obas of the swimming and diving team, and Olivia Shoemaker, Allison Colberg and Michelle Nance of the rowing team visited Diamond Hill Elementary on Tuesday, November 24. The athletes presented the Be A T.I.G.E.R.! Assembly, which is a component of Clemson athletics’ character education program. The athletes involved the students in interactive games and skits while promoting teamwork, integrity, gratitude, education and respect. Over 150 students from third-fifth grade attended the assembly.