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Senior Transition Workshop

Senior Transition Workshop


On November 11, 2015, Clemson Athletics held a Senior Athlete Identity Workshop to prepare the student-athletes for the next “season” of their life, focusing on transferrable skills, values, opportunities and resources that they can take with them once they graduate. It also focused on understanding the challenges associated with the change and transition from college athletics to the real world.

Sunny Russell, Graduate Assistant for Student-Athlete Development and Leadership Specialist, says it is essential for the seniors to understand who they are outside of their athletic identity.

“Our athletes will walk away with a better understanding of the valuable qualities and transferable skills from their student-athlete experience. These seniors will also learn how to manage the difficult transition they will soon face once their athletic identity has been removed.”

Former Tennessee Titan, Jonathan Orr, presented the workshop. Orr brought a unique perspective to the presentation because he had once been an athlete who lost his way.

Director of Student-Athlete Development, Kyra Lobbins, says that teaching the senior athletes that they carry more worth than their stats is a worthwhile lesson.

“When it comes time to graduate, a lot of our seniors are torn between losing their athlete identity and taking on a new one. There is a chance they won’t feel as valuable once they are out of their competitive sport environment and not surrounded by their teammates and coaches every day. It is essential to get the athletes to realize the skills and talents that got them to where they are today, are the same skills that will bring them success in the professional world.”