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Second Term of Leadership Academy for Clemson Student-Athletes Underway

Second Term of Leadership Academy for Clemson Student-Athletes Underway

CLEMSON, S.C. – After the successful launch of The Tiger Leadership Academy last fall, Clemson’s Student-Athlete Development Department has chosen the new spring contingent comprised of sophomores now in their competitive off-season.

This semester, 13 student-athletes were selected to participate in the Tiger Leadership Academy. Each student-athlete was required to apply and obtain a professional recommendation from a professor, coach, staff member, mentor, etc. Endorsements from strength and conditioning coaches, academic advisors, athletic trainers and coaches were factored into their total score.

The Tiger Leadership Academy is a three-year program intended to prepare student-athletes to be leaders at Clemson and beyond. A progressive leadership curriculum focuses on building self-awareness and an understanding of effective leadership practices, followed by learning how to apply these concepts on teams and in a future career.

The spring cohort will participate in seven group sessions, service projects and individual advising meetings. During their off-season, these students will develop their skills through behavioral assessments, research-based leadership education, individualized feedback from coaches and peers, personalized professional development and alumni mentorship.

2017 SPRING SEMESTER LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Tremayne Anchrum, FootballPatrick Bunk-Andersen, Men’s SoccerAndrew Burnikel, Men’s SoccerEllen Colborn, Women’s SoccerClelin Ferrell, FootballAlly Gamble, VolleyballLauren Harkes, Women’s SoccerJohnny Heckman, Men’s SoccerAlice Hewson, Women’s GolfDexter Lawrence, FootballSam Staab, Women’s SoccerGarrett Williams, FootballKennedy Wilson-Talmadge, Volleyball