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SAAB Minutes 031405

SAAB Meeting Minutes3/14/05

I. Dinner

II. Review Minutes from 2/14/05 meeting

III. Schilleter Dining Hall Service Night – Derek Gilson

-huge sucess -raffle went over very well and should be used in more events

V. Report from Sub-committees

a. Event Committee – Meghan Stanton/Nichole Carlton-flyer passed out -voted on name- BE A TIGER -each team assigned a letter for TIGER stations -kids get name tag as they enter and TIGER written on tag when station completed -once all stations complete, given voucher for hot dog -location- Jervey Gymnasium?? -dunking booth outside – raffle- all teams to bring c few signed items -Linda White- contact Aramark about hot dog vouchers -must check with district office to approve flyers -get flyers out by end of week

b. Athletic Participation Committee – -April 19- Baseball vs W. Carolina -Greeks compete for highest attendance -winner receives block of choice at first home football game

VI. Any New Items/News (Open-floor)

a. Another Meeting before April 9th event??? -when back from spring break- committee meeting -all SAAB members meeting Thursday (March 31st) at Vickery

b. From Administration -Ginty Porter- electing officer for next year -current officers to meet on the issue

VII. Dismiss

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