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ROAR Student Rewards Program FAQs

ROAR Student Rewards Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with ROAR Student Rewards?Download the ROAR Student Rewards app on your iPhone or Android, or visit on your smart phone’s browser.  Click register, fill out all of the information, and you’re set!

Do I have to be a Clemson student to participate?Yes, you must be a currently enrolled Clemson student to participate in ROAR Student Rewards.  You will be required to show your CUID when picking up rewards.

How do I check in at an event?When you attend a Clemson Athletic event simply open your ROAR app, click on the events button, select your event, and click “Check in to this event.”  You can check in as early as one hour prior to game time.

Which sports will I earn points for attending?You can earn ROAR points at every single sport.  Click HERE for the point breakdown per sport.

How do I earn my bonus point for being a Collegiate Club member?We’ll take care of that on our end!  You will earn 1 bonus point for every check-in as long as you are a member of the Collegiate Club.  For more information on how to join the IPTAY Collegiate Club, click HERE.

I earned a reward, now what?Rewards may be picked up at designated Reward Pick Up events or in Suite 108 of the McFadden Building on the first or third Friday of each month between 1 PM and 4 PM. You must present your CUID at that time and your ROAR profile must be filled out completely.

Can I pick up rewards for a friend?No, you may only pick up your own rewards.

I earned a bonus point card.  What do I do with it?Fill it out and return it to the Marketing & Promotions table at an event or bring it to the IPTAY Office (next to Gate 9 of Memorial Stadium).  Your points will be added to your account within a few days.

Do my points reset when I claim a prize?No! Your points are cumulative and as soon as you reach a point threshold that unlocks a reward you can claim that reward. That means at 200 points you will have earned all eight rewards!

Something isn’t right on my account.  What should I do?Please e-mail us at and we’ll look into it!

Do my points reset every year?Yes! Every August your points will reset so you can begin earning points toward all new prizes!

Why is the point structure different than it was in Spring 2014?We launched ROAR in January of 2014 to test the program for one semester. Since we will now be using ROAR for a full year, the point levels at which rewards are unlocked have been adjusted to accommodate for a longer period of time and more athletic events!