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Q&A With Scott Pagano

Q&A With Scott Pagano

Note: The following appears in the NC State gameday football program. To purchase a copy of the program while supplies last, send a check for $6 to Clemson Athletic Communications; P.O. Box 31; Clemson, SC 29633 with your return address.

Q. What compelled you to want to become a Tiger?A. I knew what coach (Dabo) Swinney saw for my future, and I wanted to be a part of something special here at Clemson.

Q. What has it been like playing for Dan Brooks?A. It’s been great. Coach Brooks and I have a solid relationship. He’s like a second father to me. I can go to him whenever I need help or just need to talk.

Q. How have you improved since the beginning of your college career?A. I’ve improved a lot, mentally and physically. I now have a better understanding of the game of football, and it’s not just knowing how to run around blocks. It involves focusing in on the fundamental aspect of it.

Q. What is your pregame ritual?A. I like to listen to music, whether it’s rap, rock or country. I get focused and in the zone and don’t really talk too much. I also look at some last-minute tips and reminders before I hit the field.

Q. What has impressed you about the defensive line this season?A. Our football smarts and guys knowing their assignments and what to do.

Q. What has it been like being a part of such a close-knit defensive line unit?A. It’s been great because over the past couple of years, I’ve built some strong relationships. We’re all really close, and they’re like brothers to me.

Q. What do you expect out of the defensive line for the remainder of the season?A. A bunch of hard-working, blue-collar guys, always coming to work no matter what, and who are physical and dominate the line of scrimmage every week.

Q. What is the best football advice you have received?A. Keep your nose down and keep working hard.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?A. My parents. They’ve been there since day one. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done.

Q. Who was your childhood football idol?A. Junior Seau. When I was younger, living in San Diego, I got to watch him play, and he was always fun to watch.

Q. What was it like having to adjust to living in Clemson after growing up in Hawaii?A. I had to get used to the weather. In the summer, it’s really humid here.


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