In the age of online influence, understanding one’s digital footprint and brand leveragability is a necessary life skill for today’s Tigers. Through the connection made through Clemson Football’s Creative Solutions Team, P.A.W. Journey was able to host executives from Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, and Nike to discuss their respective platforms and opportunities for personal brand growth.

Through using examples of currently well-branded athletes, Twitter’s David Herman shared how the words and hashtags chosen from the 280-character limit can engage diverse demographics and build following. From Facebook/Instagram, Vincent Pannozzo, introduced features of each platform that current brand powerhouses are utilizing to inform and interact with fanbases created and maintained through social media. The program culminated with Nike’s Jeff Lulay, discussing how using aforementioned platforms and other media contributes to brand opportunities and securing endorsements.

Beyond expanding their knowledge of the pathways to connect and construct their social media identities, the student leaders gained valuable knowledge on the security of these platforms and extra precautions to take when online. The scholar-athletes were also able to talk directly to the executive guests to ask questions and set up additional security for their accounts from the experts.