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Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development (PGD)

[ Freshmen PGD Class | Large Group Program | CHAMPS/Life Skills ]

As part of the comprehensive services provided by Vickery Hall, the Personal Growth and Development component targets two areas of programming:

1. A freshman transition class2. Large group programs for all student-athletes

Freshmen PGD Class

The Personal Growth and Development class is designed to provide first-semester freshmen student-athletes with a smooth transition to college life and to enhance decision-making skills crucial to their personal and academic livesAll freshmen student-athletes are required to attend one 50-minute session per week for approximately 11 weeks during their first semester at Clemson. The freshman year is targeted heavily because it is a crucial time for student-athletes to lay the foundation for positive experiences during college and into life after graduation.The programs are facilitated by the CHAMPS/Life Skills Coordinator in addition to other Vickery staff and utilize a variety of teaching approaches including group discussion, video presentation, peer facilitation, and speakers who are specialists in their fields.  The class also provides an opportunity to introduce the freshmen student-athletes to the concept of CHAMPS/Life Skills and the different areas of service that Vickery Hall provides: Academic support, Personal Growth, Career, and Community Outreach.Freshman PGD Curriculum addresses:

1. Academic Issues

– Notebook and Planner Organization- Time-management- Communicating with Professors- Note-Taking- Interacting with Tutors- Blackboard and e-portfolios

2. Health and Wellness Issues

– Sports Nutrition- Stress Management- Sexually-Transmitted Diseases- Sleep Management- Alcohol and Other Drugs- Sexual Assault- Personal Safety

3. Athletic Issues

– Little Free Time – Increased Visibility- Social Pressures- Mental Toughness- Competitive Pressures- Fear of Injury- Travel Schedules

4. Ethics and Leadership

– Values Clarification- Dealing with Authority- Cultural Diversity- Ethics Awareness- Conflict Resolution- Critical issues in athletics- Overview of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

5. Career Development

– Self-Directed Inventory- Awards and post-graduate scholarship opportunities- Overview of 4 yr. career plan

6. Community Outreach

– Overview of opportunities- Solid Orange Squad- Be a T.I.G.E.R. and character education

7. Etiquette Dinner

– Review dining etiquette- Review professional conduct- Class Awards

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Vickery Hall Large Group Programs

The Personal Growth and Development Program is a continuing process of student development. Beyond the freshman year, seminars are also offered to include sophomore, junior, and senior level students during the spring semester to continue more specific development. Below is a representative list of programs offered to all student-athletes:

– Nutrition- Sports Psychology and Performance- Financial Management- Gambling – Sexual Responsibility- Alcohol and Other Drugs- Sportsmanship- Ethics Awareness

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CHAMPS/Life SkillsChallenging Athletes’ Minds for Personal Success

Clemson University has been chosen as one of 47 pilot institutions for the NCAA Life Skills/CHAMPS program. The pilot program is in place for three years, after which time Clemson will become a mentoring school for other intercollegiate sports programs. Although the CHAMPS program was initiated at Clemson University in 1994, the Student Athlete Enrichment Programs has long felt a strong commitment to each student athlete in achieving personal success long after graduation.The focus of the program is on the individual student athlete as a whole person ­­ academically, athletically and emotionally ­­ and on the changing needs and skills of the individual in the years during college and after graduation. The Life Skills program is designed to help student-athletes realize higher academic achievement, increased likelihood of retention, graduation, and employment in their chosen professions. Each student athlete is also shown paths to a higher level of maturity, self responsibility and greater overall success. The program includes five areas of commitment:

The Five Commitments to Excellence:

  • Commitment to Academic Excellence: To support the academic progress of the student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation
  • Commitment to Athletic Excellence: To build philosophical foundations for the development of athletic programs that are broad-based, equitable and dedicated to the well-being of the student-athlete
  • Commitment to Personal Development: To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, personal growth and decision-making skills
  • Commitment to Service: To engage the student-athlete in service to his/her campus and surrounding communities
  • Commitment to Career Development: To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals

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