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Kyle Parker Press Conference Quotes

Kyle Parker Press Conference Quotes

July 27, 2010

Kyle Parker held a press conference on Tuesday morning at the West Endzone to discuss his return to Clemson for the 2010 football season. Video footage, as well as a complete transcript of the press conference quotes are available now on


“I feel like Coach Dabo Swinney up here.” (Standing in front of podium in team room at West Endzone, same place Swinney has his Tuesday press conference.)

“As you know I have decided to come back to school. I love Clemson University and I am excited and ready to get out there on the field and see the support from my teammates and fans and get geared up for football.”

On Negotiations with Colorado Rockies: “We have been honest this whole time. When July 20 passed I was going to play football. I am working on an agreement that will let me play football this fall and play for the Rockies in the spring. But, I will play football for Clemson.

“I do not see these negotiations as a big distraction. We know what they are thinking and they know what I am thinking.

“The 20th was a very nerve racking day. Numbers were being thrown around, I had to make a decision and it came down to the last minute. It feels like the right thing to do and I am happy to be here.

“I am happy to have so many people supporting me (at Clemson) that have my best interests in mind. I am blessed to be here and to have both sports on the table it is the best of both worlds.

“I am comfortable with my decision. Colorado will give me a good offer and it will make both sides happy. Ultimately, I am confident there will be a deal that will allow me to play baseball after playing football this season.

“After I made my decision to come back I finally felt at peace. I am happy to be back here at Clemson.”

On Being Back with his Clemson Teammates: “It feels good to be down there at practice and in the locker room with my teammates and get back in the flow of everything. I made this decision because I felt like it was best for me and my family and my career. I am excited to be back here at Clemson; there is no better place to play than Clemson.

“I am just glad that those guys wanted me back and support me. I am happy to be out there playing with them; they have worked hard this summer to have a successful year. I am ready to start the season.

“I think I am ready for the challenge. I know how much work it takes to be successful, I learned from our seniors last year. I have an understanding of where I need to be mentally for each game.

“I know what to expect this year. Last year took me 3-5 games to adapt. This season I can draw from tough situations and experience in 2009.

“I am blessed here at Clemson. I have Coach (Dabo) Swinney, Coach (Jack) Leggett and coach (Tom) Riginos helping me realize what is in my best interest. They have been loyal to me and put in time with me to make me the best player I can be. They have been loyal to me and I am thankful for that.”

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